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  1. Hi, can anyone please share with me your favourite bulb? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to buy some brands for the bulbs for my chandelier in the living room, after searching our whether filament bulb is good for chandelier: https://www.earthled.com/blogs/light-2-0-the-ear...r-vintage-led-bulbs#.VMNMaYGwrqB i'm thinking to buy the following bulbs: 1. https://www.earthled.com/collections/led-lightin...qual-e12-base?variant=1011456188 and 2. http://www.fortilighting.com/index.php/products...t-led-4w-watt-b11-e12-bulb.html. Could anyone suggest which one is better? Many thanks!
  3. Hi, could anyone please tell me which bulb has the longest lifetime? Many thanks.
  4. thanks for your reply
  5. Hi, there are two types of lamps in the nail salon for drying the nails: LED lamp and UV lamp. I wonder which one is better?
  6. candylion

    led bulb

    hi, any comments here?
  7. candylion

    led bulb

    Hi, i want to buy some led bulbs for home decoration. Is philips 60 watt A19 LED light bulb good? Alternatively are there any other good brands? Thanks.
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