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  1. this article actually isn't what Westfall stated at all.. which is a little sad.

    canon / chuck stated with respects to the lens. if you increase the aperture/speed of the lens, you arguably increase either the cost, the size or the weight.  of course this happens.  does anyone actually doubt that?  you do have to always strike a balance between cost, size and weight when it comes to optics.

    Of course, everyone would always like a wider aperture lens! But the minute you commit to that you’re back to talking about size, cost, and weight. However you want to arrange those three, it’s definitely going to affect the design. We anticipated that for this camera to be successful it would have to have the right balance of price, features, and also size.

    the EVF no mention if it being a cost related omission.

    On this camera we felt that the accessory viewfinder was a lot more practical. The idea of including a built in eye level finder would have added a whole extra layer in terms of having another device to build into the camera. This method allows us to provide users with a big, bright view of the image using the LCD that’s already there. It also allows the viewfinder to tilt with the screen as well.

    the only aspect that they thought wasn't cost effective for the firmware development was the RAW entry. and who knows.. does canon have a video camera that can output a raw stills?



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