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  1. Hey Geoff CB, thanks for the thumbs up! Alphonzo, our One Year Program in Digital Filmmaking will probably fit your needs nicely: very hands-on training and, as Patrick DiRenna the school president, mentioned elsewhere in this thread, access to equipment and facilities even after you graduate. As an international student studying filmmaking in New York, Digital Film Academy can issue you with the I-20 document you’ll need for the F-1 student visa application for $500. After completion of the One Year Program, you then have the opportunity to do O.P.T. (Optional Practical Training) and continue to stay on for another full year, work legally within the USA as an international student and earn money. Having the use of our cameras, light kits, sound recording equipment, editing suites, green screens etc. will be very useful for this part of your stay in the USA, as you begin working with clients: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK8bsT2i2U0 If you’d like to set up a call to discuss your options, Alphonzo, just add us on Skype at DFANYC or email us at [email protected] to request our brochure. If by any chance you will be visiting New York in the coming weeks or months, you're welcome to schedule a free class observation: http://www.digitalfilmacademy.edu/#!free-class/c1xcb (No better way to get a feeling for what it's like to study here!!) Tom Griffin Director of Admissions, Digital Film Academy 630 Ninth Avenue (Suite 901) New York, NY 10036 Tel: 212-333-4013 www.DigitalFilmAcademy.edu Email: [email protected] Interviews with Digital Film Academy international students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa5b6sz5pO0
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