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  1. Does anyone recognize the young man in my profile pic?

  2. Hello, I am the President and founder of Digital Film Academy in NYC. We do things quite differently on many levels so please give DFA a serious look. ONE BIG DIFFERENCE is our LEAP Program (Lifetime Equipment Access Program). This means that all of our graduates have free access to all equipment, facilities, insurance policies ... everything that is needed so you can provide services to clients (Monetize your skills - TM) and create your own media (Monetize your media - TM). The LEAP program is no questions asked for a full year after graduation and then continues lifetime if you hire some fellow DFA grads or students on your gigs after the first year. It works really well. We have grads using RED cameras for free for years and therefore being able to under bid others and get the gigs. Give a look and see. I think we've got the formula that works because after graduation is when you have debt and need to monetize. Common sense really. Thank you. www.digitalfilmacademy.edu Patrick DiRenna
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