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  1. e-m5-ii-vs-e-m1.thumb.jpg.be97b66299001a

    With the Olympus E-M5 Mark II we've been seduced.

    40MP stills - oooh! High bitrate 24p - Ahh!

    The E-M5 II is a great camera. Let's see how they've ruined it.

    Read the blog post here


    ​Have you reached out to Olympus for a response to this analysis of yours?  I get that it's still bad even if this is just 1.0 firmware quality issue and they plan to better E-M1 with future improvements to video on this mark II.....but this seems a bit harsh if such is the case.  Maybe they do just want this camera to not perform quite as nice as E-M1.....but doubt that is the case when they are bragging it up for video more than they did the E-M1.  Seems this is just a first pass at getting video working with the new hardware and codecs on a camera they expect to sell for photo takers mostly until they get the video refined.

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