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  1. HURRY!!!!!! Trying to avoid a C300 purchase ... or PMW-F3. Color color color. Bob
  2. I do something like this in shooting manual with the A7s ... M1 is SLOG2 S gamut iso 3200 4K 24P Kholi profile M2 is cine gamma iso 800 HD 24P modified Kholi Pro profile. When I hit either I can change any variable quickly ...shutter aperture ND filter for +/- but they remain as they were memorized so it is a quick start. Probably use this for the majority of my video as this covers most of my shooting with or without the CD Odyssey 7Q+. Either memory setting allows me to advance HD - 4K or back as desired. Bob
  3. Drives are included and you may want to stay with RAID 5 or 10 system so .... http://www.g-technology.com/products/g-speed-studio http://www.g-technology.com/products/g-speed-studio-xl Bob
  4. My experience was from a Lacie failure and moving to the Hitachi enterprise drives in the G Techs. Here is a sampling of reviews from Apple online store. As an external storage device it does the job it is supposed to. It is relatively quiet but if you are doing any recording that n … More(Read full review) Written by Michael H from New York Mar 21, 201523 of 26 people found this useful Was this useful?External DriveYes NoDefective, right out of the box1.0out of 5starsPlugged into my iMac 5K and the lousy drive made my Mac reboot continuously. I asked for any other drive besides LaCie and was ass …More(Read full review) Written by Carleton J from OTTAWA Mar 14, 201518 of 26 people found this useful Was this useful?Defective, right out of the boxYes NoDon't mistake this for an enterprise grade device2.0out of 5starsBogus power supply within six months (which is a VERY common complaint if you search the Web). The service department responded qu … More(Rea Bob
  5. iMAC is not a monitor that is able to be profiled...like a NEC DELL or Eizo or Sharp. So if color is critical I would look at one of the new 4K monitors that cover 98% Adobe RGB and have the option for hardware calibration. Bob
  6. Doug Jensen has a series of training videos for the FS7 and a number of well done videos using the camera... he has gone F3 F800 F55 FS7 and now shoots mainly with the F55 but uses the FS7. His setup videos help nail color and exposure for pro shooters. Worth the price if you go FS7 ... and you have the option for RAW out of that camera in the future with the CD Odyssey 7Q+. Thunderbolt 2 Drive .... would caution against Lacie as they have had terrible failure rates. The G Tech uses Enterprise class drives in its best RAID configurations ... highly recommended and at not a huge premium in price. Bob
  7. ​Thanks ... I do the same with the SLOG2 profile ... I will give the F Pro 400_FC.cube LUT a try ... it looks gorgeous in your examples.
  8. Looks very good colors seem natural ... Which Impulz LUT?
  9. ​More likely an iPad with Retina display. I have a high end profiled monitor for HD and have to admit that the iPad mini Retina smokes it. Large format still photographers insisted that a 5x7 contact print was the ultimate as it was a format that one could visualize in toto ... not scanning the picture for information but taking it in as a whole. I have found that the mini format is pretty close to this ... never realized how phenomenal my RED Epic files were until I formatted them for the Retina display ... sure, spend 20K for a 4K projection system and you can impress your friends ... or convince them that you have again overstepped the bounds of polite societal conventions. Most of us prefer the intimate to the ultimate ... JMHO. Bob
  10. ​Great post and very reasoned response ... all of your points are spot on for you. If I were working for someone else it would matter ... but then I would be looking at Arri RED or the C300 Mk II at a minimum. I shoot for myself and rarely share any of my files ... and I can afford to use marginally adequate equipment as it suites my whim ... of the month. I find that we are all looking at this perhaps like flatlanders .... seeing only our perspective irregardless of another's perception or needs. As the artist once known as PB commented .... "not sure who this camera is marketed for" ... but essentially he liked it regardless of its flaws. Would I give up my A7s or D810 or for that matter my Ricoh GXR M mount? No way ... and I am not sure this is the next camera I need or want. I thought it might be the C100 Mk II I prefer at least one camera with raw. And having extensive experience with mono Kodak sensors it appeals to me. Bob
  11. ​Your reasoning is CMOS centric ... none of the CCDs can go above 800 without very objectionable noise ... I have owned the Hasselblad H3 39 Leica S and S2 multiple versions of the Leica M color rangefinders original Canon 1D and none were high iso cameras. The Leica Monochrome does well up to 10K iso. Which is why the new H5 50 CMOS and Pentax MF CMOS cameras were introduced. Again ... DB16M is 4K with battery grip and 1TB SSD ... the very proprietary 1TB SSD for my CD Odyssey 7Q+ is 1400. The smallest RED mono is 26500 one needs to add media at 1450 per 240gb and battery at 350 for one Red Volt XL and extra for a charger. I have a Sony A7s with the CD Odyssey 7Q+ ... high iso is not a problem. The DB16/16M is very specialized may be a bit overpriced ... I would prefer a small easily handheld camera with great color and DR .... the A7s is OK but with the Odyssey is tripod only. Bob
  12. Mattias, Loved it. Bob
  13. ​You are correct ... I tend to prefer low contrast color over low contrast BW but if the subject is right then great tonality in BW is hard to beat ... thinking Santa Fe, Greece, in summer light. And I prefer BW for stills ... which is why I loved the Monochrom and a decent print on glossy paper ... as matte seems to not convey the depth of the blacks in digital printing. The CCD color does grade well to BW so it may be a decent compromise ... with a decent LUT. Bob
  14. ​Here And the color version is very appealing: Bob
  15. ​The DB Mono has a monochrome sensor ... like the RED Epic Mono or the Leica Monochrom... have had two of the Leica Monochrom cameras I think that the difference in the sensor from a Bayer array is major and worth the difference in cost ... I would prefer a A7s mono or a BMMCC mono but they do not exist. So the Bolex is some 38K less than the RED ... and having owned a RED One and RED EPIC I prefer something a bit smaller ... the fan on the EPIC made an objectionable amount of noise ... Bob
  16. So the DB 16M is out and not a lot of discussion. What I have seen is stunning... Thoughts? Bob
  17. ​Thanks for the clarity here.... Bob
  18. ​So true ... I still would prefer a RAW option for the camera. Bob
  19. So many comments on the poor color from the A7s ... well if you work with it you can find a balance that is not that bad.... https://vimeo.com/123639800 Password: daysend Up for a short time. Bob
  20. ​Color Grading does a fair job with the A7s depending on LUT and how you expose the scene. Here are a couple of examples.... https://vimeo.com/122189191 https://vimeo.com/123558874 https://vimeo.com/122033091 These are up for a short short time .... password : daysend Color is correctable whereas inherent DR and sensitivity are pretty much set by sensor selection... I have a ways to go with the camera but think that once dialed in it delivers a lot for the money. Bob
  21. Wooden Camera Small DSLR cage...by changing one rod it will accommodate each and every new camera or battery grip you prefer. Very strong and comes as a kit with a quick release and base plate for rods that is height adjustable. Add a couple cold shoe mounts to the top plate and you are set. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?N=10981511&InitialSearch=yes&sts=pi Bob
  22. ​Truth is .... in spite of our view of Clarkson's behavior it is a bit of a concern... BBC should have sent him to Betty Ford's Clinic rather than suspend him... Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, John Belushi, Heath Ledger ... it is a long list of celebrities who cross the line of use to abuse. Rather than see this as a PC issue it may be one that would best be handled by those who know and love him and who can intervene if they deem it necessary. Escalating issues like this do not bode well ... Talent and exposure are heady things ... like a loaded gun. Best not pointed at ourselves or those around us. Boorish bad behavior is just that ... acting the "LAD" at 30 40 50 is just poor acting. Nuff said ... life is short and when we see an accident in process it may be time to lend a hand, heart, or bit of our time. This said after a couple glasses of Lodi Field Blend..... Regards, Bob
  23. ​My vote is for Olivia Glass.... Although DSO worked for me.... Bob
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