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  1. Me too, I really like the dynamic range of these Panasonic FF cameras. About the IBIS, Gerald Undone used a 50mm without walking on his video and the footage looked jerky.
  2. IBIS looks pretty good on this video ... Better than the Gerald Undone's test.
  3. Based on the video, the S5 IBIS is worse than the S1H but seems good enough. The A7III is helpless though ... I would like to see a comparison between the GH5/S5.
  4. Yes I would like to see a comparison between the S5 and the GH5 IBIS.
  5. Certainly not, I have the GH5, the A7III and I had the S1. The GH5 still has the edge for stabilization. Maybe the S1H is better for IBIS, but not the S1. The A7III IBIS is the worst by a large margin.
  6. I was very interested by the S5, not so much now because of the IBIS ...
  7. I think the S5 has only 5 stop IBIS without dual IS and worse electronic viewfinder compared to the S1. I was ready to buy the S5 but if the IBIS is not as good, I will stay with my GH5 for now ...
  8. If the S5 is really a mini S1 with the same IBIS, I will buy this camera day one.
  9. I have the GH5 and the A7III and I find the highlight roll off of the A7III worse compared to the GH5. In most gammas, the highlight rolloff is terrible (better with S-LOG3 though)
  10. The IBIS of the S5 seems not as good as the S1 (5 stop only) ...
  11. Yes very good little lens, far cheaper and lighter than 10-25mm F/1.7
  12. I like to watch his videos, but sometimes I think there is a serious issue with his reviews and conclusions. He said the Sigma 18-35 was better than the Leica 10-25mm for autofocus. I had both and the Leica CAF is way better, no comparison. Also, I found very strange than the A7SIII was sharper than the A7III in 4K on his review.
  13. I hope the IBIS will be better on the new A7SIII ... Canon R5 : Sony A7RIV:
  14. Like @heart0less I can see jittering on my 120hz screen. Motion interpolation on TVs is maybe a good way to test motion cadence as well. Bad motion cadence results in a lot more ghosting artefacts and throbbing using the motion interpolation. A7III's videos look ugly with it while GH5's videos are better (again even with IBIS off).
  15. I have the GH5, A7III and NX1 and I shoot in 4K. I'm very sensitive to motion and I always found the A7III 's motion cadence very very bad. I thought it was because of the high rolling shutter but my NX1 (hacked) has worse RS, and yet the motion cadence is better. Among them, my Gh5 has the better motion cadence (even with IBIS off), frames are still sharp even while panning.
  16. Can you get the same highlight compression with your HLG LUT for the A7III ?
  17. Can't wait to see more info ! And the new 24-105mm F4/F7.1 looks like a PanaLeica 12-60mm F2.8/4 at half the price.
  18. Thank you for your settings, I still enjoy my NX1 more than my A7III for videos.
  19. I would like the same with my A7III !
  20. Same experience in Windows for me, playback is still as smooth and good as ever. The 4k image quality is the best i've seen so far (i own the A7 III and GH5) especially with the 16-50S and 50-150S.
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