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    DenisasP. reacted to dantheman in Cinema5D slates the Panasonic GH5, calls V-LOG and 10bit "unusable" - They're wrong   
    To be fair, Andrew didn't provide any evidence either because he doesn't have the camera yet, he probably is right but his reaction seems more based on a frustration that Panasonic didn't send him a unit, the same as with the Gratical Eye Yoclay mentioned, also there he forms an opinion based on specification only and telling us how great this unit would be with a gh4 or a7s while "forgetting" and not even mentioning it has a sdi output only, even ignoring it when Yoclay mentions it. This also looked to me like a sugarcoated article with a "buy here" link in the hope that Zacuto would send him a unit which apparently never happened as I didn't find a "hands-on" article.
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    DenisasP. reacted to yoclay in Cinema5D slates the Panasonic GH5, calls V-LOG and 10bit "unusable" - They're wrong   
    Well, that was a pretty nasty little article.  Why bother ?  The guys over at Cinema5D are trying hard just like everyone else.  Andrew, you talk about them basically as if they were corporate shills, but on the other hand I remember very clearly you promoted the Zacuto eye, saying what a great small EVF for small DSLR cameras
    and when I pointed out repeatedly that it had no HDMI input (only SDI so really not adapted at all to those cameras) in your forum, not once ever did you respond.  The point is that your criticism can be extremely harsh, yet I don't see you holding yourself to the very same standards you ask of other people.  It's obvious that not once did you try the product with the DSLR's you mentioned or even consider such a glaring error, so what was that article?  Nothing but an empty promo in the end, right ?
    I don't point this out to shame you, but merely to say that your article seems harsh, strident and unfair.  You really seem to have a chip on your shoulder. You could have just as easily rebutted their findings with the points you made in a more gracious manner.  In the current climate do we really need more harsh hate filled rhetoric these days ? Maybe they got it right, maybe they didn't on the GH5, but it's important to cut everyone a little slack now and then. 
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