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  1. Today some snow in Holland, so i screwed a 85mm 1.4 on my NX1 and shoot a little snow in slow motion 25P x0.25 (i guess this is the 120fps mode).

    When i viewed it on my monitor it reminded me of YouTube in the early day's, thought maybe the forum users liked to be informed about this. For me its not a deal breaker, because i think samsung will update this issue soon.

    2 frames attached, 2 HD and 1 4k screencaps ( custom 1, only the contrast on -5 )

    (down below the framegrabs the original and also untouched h265 file)

    Greetings weedze



    1920x1080 25P HQ 0.25.jpg

    4096x2160 24p Pro.jpg

    HD 25P HQ 0.25 first.png


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