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  1. Part of a short movie I´m working. Hope you like it.
  2. I´m happy to see SLR is making ANA primes. ANAs is not cheap lens,3K for each one of these could be acceptable. This is the price around for Lomo square and always need collimate. About projector adapters,even ISCO...well...is other world,not bad,but other thing.
  3. I see, Very complex thing. Need perfect distance with rear attachment and prime to the front one or astigmatism comes as hell. There are other way: Fix the taking lens to the rear ANA and make a mechanism that the block move in-out of the camera. This is how anamorphic Lomo primes works. Still very complex because the taking lens only need move a few mm from the sensor (Lomo´s focus ring have a pin that make this little move to the spherical block), and the cylindrical rear lens need move too much. good luck
  4. I don´t understand. Can you explain it?
  5. You can do this: But you´ll need a kind of focus module to infinite focus to avoid heavy mump and vignette.
  6. Visual concept for future project: BMPCC,Lomo 35 Square front with 14mm and 50mm
  7. Hi, If someone want one: I found this one in Ebay. http://www.ebay.es/itm/Lomo-Anamorphic-Block-35-10-3-F-35-1-2-5-/191647965185?hash=item2c9f1be001&clk_rvr_id=878482198961&rmvSB=true I have the same one and I use it as adapter because I missing the focus mechanism of his prime. Perhaps is a good opportunity. Using this Lomo as adapter is the only one ANA x2 that can use very wide angle lens,from 28mm or 24mm to tele lens in APS or 4-perf 35mm film gate. Close focus to 1m. 90º focus ring turn from 1m to infinite. Panavision like flares. The ironic is that front ANA get better result with modern primes than his own spherical prime. THE ISSUE: double focus. (Until someone develop a focus module for this Lomo. if this happens,I´m done...no more anamorphic lens searching,a huge ANA set just with one adapter) Artifacts: Barrel distortion Chromatic aberration on the edges. (More noticeable using wide angle primes) very Mump effects very blue flares. .....Anamorfic...you know.
  8. Not much. It's more an "astuto" animation than a goog animation.
  9. this is cool ,man! Unfortunately we expend too much time talking about tools (pixels,lens,K's.....) and not so about storytelling.
  10. I´m a comic book artist,I did all this stuff just for fun. I´m not a CGI pro so my workflow is trial and error. Characters,motion tracking and animation done in Cinema 4D r16. Compositing in After effects and finished in FCPX. First thing I did is a 3D previs,then go to the location,filming all shots (was difficult by the fact of not to have reference when move the camera) The timing of the storytelling can ruined by this. Shot with Blackmagic Pocket,Lumix 20mm with Lomo square anamorphic as adapter. Yeah, Rudolf. Sound is important as the images to me. glad you like
  11. A little CGI short with Blackmagic Pocket and square front Lomo anamorphic as adapter.
  12. I don´t know about other people,but I would like to see a real,physical product and some test done by professional photographer before pay for this. If also I can suggest something for the design.. I think this modules should be black matte paint,dented ring for follow focus,distances scale feet and meters and 90º ring turn. Right now,the CGI looks like a toy.
  13. Hi, At this time just I see everything in CinemaScope. Would like to share some of my test and evolutions: With 550D and hypergonar 4 years ago: Bolex 16mm Kodak Vision 2 with the front part of a Lomo square front,3 years ago: Blackmagic Pocket with front part of Lomo square front:
  14. In flickr I have many anamorphic and Xpan photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/29238162@N04/ My 2 cents.
  15. ​Yep,Ran was shot with tele lens and I love it. He going to Russian to get a wide shot in Japan ..kidding,but is true they got very far of the set to frame wide shots. I believe the Kowa is the most cheap after Lomo,right? I have a DOP friend that he are looking for a set of Kowa Ana primes. Per 200 bucks day we can rent a Panavision C series,perhaps some day I have the luxury.
  16. ​Ridley,JJ Abrams...and Hollywood so on... is a 1% of CinemaScope filmakers around the world. Don´t get me wrong,Ridley like Carpenter are one of my favorite ones,but in EU are a lot of movies shot in Anamorphic with anecdotal flares. And as I said,it´s just my opinion. I like Wide anamorphic,that´s all By the way: Do you know that "the Thin Red Line" was shot In Spain with double focus anamorphic? Yes,taking lens with anamorphic adapter. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058648/ From 1964 to now we still fighting with the same sh**t thanks to people like SLR Magic c´mon..we are in 2015! We need be more exigent with the stuff they sell us. PS:Really agree with your first post here,Policar. I don´t really like Hawk,perhaps the "Vintage" ones they develop but still not looking pretty cool to my taste yet.
  17. 1-To me CinemaScope means WIDE,means big shots with brain compositions,wide angle to get things inside of frame. Anamorphic with 80mm not make much sense to me. (again: to my taste) 2-Iscorama is overrated,an adapter that just focus from 2m and have warm flares. Ok,is cool the single focus but never may look like a Panavision. 3- Ana x2 is the best if you have 4:3 gate or sensor. Ana 1.33x on 16:9..mmm...don´t look CinemaScope,not worth it. in fact,anamorphic in digital not make sense,is just for look. Pana,SLR,Century and all those 1.33 Anamorphics are a scam,super overrated. If these cost $200 could be a good deal. Whats could be a great anamorphic for low budget? x2,x1.7 or x1.5 hold the look. No vignetting with 35mm taking lens and focus module that again,no vignetting with 35mm taking lens. So,now: 300€ Cheap x2 Ana+500€ FM+clamp+taking lens....just for 80mm?..Are you kidding? This is not CinemaScope is expensive patches. There is manny people that love anamorphic,why we get together and make our own prototype?
  18. Awesome! Tried with tele adapter on a Sankor 16D and it works too. Thank you so much for this thread! I think just need a wide or tele converter with 2 components,the wide and the diopter,dissasemble and use the wide one to get in focus. I would like to do this with my Lomo square front too. So,the issue is get a huge lenses with the same power (in opposite?) -10 and +10 for example,right? Perhaps here: http://www.edmundoptics.com/optics/optical-lenses/cylinder-lenses/
  19. ​Hostia que locura! Lo mío fue retención en barajas por dos semanas aun habiendo pagado aranceles por adelantado. FedEx no es barato como para que hagan estas cosas! El vendedor me echó una mano,pero el marrón me lo comí yo. Tienes que llamarles a saco todos los días,no esperes a que contacten contigo porque pasan de todo. Se todo lo diplomático que puedas al teléfono,muerdete la lengua,ponerse borde es peor. A ver si tienes suerte,estas cosas frustran mucho. Animo!
  20. ​Paciencia tio. También tuve que esperar para recibir una BMC. Es una putada pero al final llega. Suerte!
  21. ​F****g awesome! If this module may fit on a Square-front Lomo could be the most powerful tool of the world. I´ve Sankor 16D,Hypergonar and others projection lenses too,but tele-anamorphic is not very practical to shot films.
  22. Hi, I´m new on the forum. I spoke with Mindaugas,the FM creator (I think so). to explain me what kind of lenses use for the FM and he talked about this forum. So, Please,can anyone tell me what kind of lens have the FM? Diopters o whatever. Let me explain: I have a 35mm T2.5 square-front Lomo anamorphic with the focus gear broken and just I use the front element as adapter with other spherical. To me,this Lomo as adapter is the best,allow wide-angle like a 24mm APS to a tele lens and close up to 1m. A 24mm T1.3 with the Lomo in front is awesome. The big issue is (as many people know here) the dual focus. Not so difficult as a Projector adapter because,the focus ring is short,just 90º or less,can pull focus very fast. Yesterday I found some FM video test and I said,damn!..would be awesome if we can use with Lomo square front!! Would be like have a set of Panavision in one. Seems no way to work with Mindaugas for a prototype for Lomo. Again,appreciate if someone can explain me what kind of lenses have this FM to maybe I try make one for my Lomo. Thanks R
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