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  1. I just bought and received the H2. I have no idea how to use it. Never used one of these before. So my initial commentary is the H2 looks well made but gives zero instructions on how to get started. I get the concepts and have used steadicams and glidecams before but this is totally different. Clearly I'm not running as it should as I keep getting fluttering on the motors with an A6300+10-18mm. Where is the manual? 

  2. I love image stabilization on lenses but sometimes you need more stability or a faster lens. I use a tripod, I use a monopod, I've used gimbals. But sometimes I just want more mobility with a small rig and the ability to handhold a shot without looking like a moron with a big clunky shoulder rig. I'm talking GH4, A7S, etc. I love the simple gun stock options, but most seen built of garbage. What works best for you? 

  3. This is nonsense.  It may be an oversight on Panasonic's side, but this is simply using the functionality built in to the app and camera.  Nothing else.  Nothing has been reverse engineered, nothing have been hacked or any copyright infringement.  I feel this to be an inaccurate comment. 

    The precise info is available on many places on the web now, including reddit!


    While the sentiment of "without buying" is an unwelcome one, explaining the steps of how to use Vlog with existing software apps is surely an interesting, and wholly valid one.  Panasonic may be unhappy at the situation, but they clearly put out software that allowed the use of the Vlog profile without the need for a paid upgrade.  Their simple mistake.

    I just tried this, downloading the image app, and the firmware all in the past hour and it worked fine.

    thank you works now. Much appreciated. 

  4. I had the GH4. Imo it was ok but the deal breaker for me was the noise. I hated that thing above ISO 1600 and by 3200 unusable. The colors also are weak and I am not a huge fan of the speedbooster system. $600+ dollars is a lens. I did like the internal 4k but that's about it. 

    Id like an A7S but I don't want a shogun. I'm a fan of steadicam type shots so mounting a shogun is not ideal. 


  5. Andy Lee. I still don't grasp how a 2.8 lens becomes a 2.0 lens with a speedbooster attached to a M43 sensor. Especially 4k where the sensor is further cropped. IMO and I would love to be wrong, but 2.8 becomes 2.0 but you still have to multiply it by 2.3 or the crop. I would love to be wrong, I'm hoping someone can explain it to me.

  6. Wait a second. Correct me if I'm wrong. Let's say you have a 24mm, with a speedbooster on a GH4 shooting 4k this equals 24 x .71 x 2.3=39.192 or 40mm. Aperture with a speed booster is 2.8 save a stop so 2.0x 2.3=4.6. No?

  7. I have a follow focus that connects to rods via a nice manfrotto compatible base. This base has a 1/4 hole for a monitor arm. I have the hotshoe for my video mic pro or sennheiser wireless.

    Why would I need/want a cage? I don't need a mattebox I use filters but screw on type.

    I use a steadicam and a tripod/monopod.

    The only thing I think I would gain from a Cage is the top handle. I don't know that I need a top handle.

    Help a newbie understand. Why spend a fortune on hardware like this? What am I missing? They sure look great, but what utility will it add to my experience? Thanks all.

  8. I have access to a GH4. Thinking of picking up another. But I have yet to fully feel comfortable with it's ISO abilities.

    My questions:

    #1. Compared to my 5DMK3 the GH4 seems brighter at similar ISO's.

    #2. Has anyone had success using the GH4 above 1600? I get mixed results with noise. Would love to reliably get 3200.

  9. This review is timely. I've been looking for a second GH4 but don't feel like spending the money on more adaptors and lenses. I tried the FZ1000 out at a local shop and the lens was amazing and truthfully it felt and functioned like a GH4. I could find no faults with it. It had everything my GH4 has. I was unable to shoot any video and I need to sell some canon gear before I can pick this up. There was a good deal on one over at FredMiranda buy and sell, it's damn tempting but I need to move this canon gear first.

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