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  1. 21 minutes ago, majoraxis said:

    The color separation is fantastic - distinctive browns. yellows and blacks which don't loose subtle color shifts from lighting even when crushed.   I think there is something special going on here and I will love to hear from folks on how they feel it grades compared to other cameras.

    Grading the footage is amazing. Like you said, beautiful colors and great organic, rich detail.

  2. 4 hours ago, androidlad said:

    Yes I invented this 12K sensor, which is precisely the same size as RED Komodo at 27.03mm x 14.25mm, and exactly double the horizontal and vertical resolution.

    And who made the RED Komodo sensor?? 😉

    Ok fine, this 12K sensor is a custom version of Canon's 120MXSC, operating in an ROI mode https://canon-cmos-sensors.com/canon-120mxs-cmos-sensor/

    Prince Harry Mic Drop GIF


    1 hour ago, PaulUsher said:

    We should be in for some sweet rolling shutter then 😉 

    It isn't based off any sensor, it's a custom one.
    The rolling shutter times are around 16ms in 12K and 6ms in 8K (from another thread).

  3. 1 hour ago, Vision said:


    here u go ?




    1 hour ago, sobrietyrefund said:

    Do you have a link to that video?

    The stills are just some testing yesterday but they ARE from the Pocket 4K. I'll try and see if I can make a video soon but there's a lowlight shoot I'd like to add in and need to find some time for that.

    The Blackmagic RAW video is from the Ursa Mini Pro though. 

    I just like the look of the great actors. And the asian guy is my brother haha.

  4. 9 hours ago, mercer said:

    So is this only available on the Ursa Pro right now? I’d love for the Mini 4K to get it, that camera is getting to no brainer price levels on the used market. 

    Looks great, thanks for finding it. Love the the thickness and detail on the older man’s face. 


    And yeah, the detail retailed and flexibility is incredible. It's way faster than cDNG.

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