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  1. Thanks for clearing me out! Now what i think, i will get a a6000 ( it is my first preference!) Daniel ....i have been waiting for too long....So it time for an upgrade! But from which lens i should start? 18-105, kit lens, 18-135? I love wide angle Photography and thats why 10-18 is on my list...but if i go with sony , a 10-18 will blow my budget!
  2. Hi, I am really confused between which camera i should buy. Normally do Landscape Photography and Videos(25%). Have gone through many reviews about camera and lenses and finalize these combination : Sony a6000 + SEL 18-200 Canon 70D + 18-135 STM All three above setups are costing me Equal! I will add a 10-18 STM later on if i go with 70D. Please advise in which setup i should invest. PS: Coming from a 1000D and a P&S which i use for HD Videos
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