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  1. I'm possibly going to order this camera in a PAL region, and I need 30p/60p. From what I can tell, there is no 50p version, so it should be okay. But I have seen a couple of obscure shops having 50p as spec, though official canon UK spec sheet shows 30/60. Anyone know for sure?
  2. Edit: I see Tim answered my question quite well. Must have happened while I was making my previous comment. Thank you Tim. Exactly what I was looking for. I do have a couple of cameras in mind, but will need to import for 30p/60p. Or at least 30p. Looking at lx7 and gm1 currently. Rx100 was a choice, but no 720p so took it out of the running. Thanks for the other suggestions. Regards.
  3. I will be using LED indoors or shooting in daylight. My question is regarding smoothness. Is there a very discernable difference between 24/25 and 30 with videos on YouTube? I don't mean someone thinking 'oh, this was shot with 24p.'. I mean the layman looking and thinking 'hmm.. This video isn't very smooth, it seems a bit jerky' Not that I'll be shooting rapid movement. I just mean for standard video. Reviewing somebody, panning around, indoor video of electronics reviews in decent (but not pro) lighting.
  4. Seriously one of the most annoying things in the universe is that PAL cameras are 24/25p. My purpose is electronics reviews and outdoor interviews. I don't need film look. I need smooth. Is there a big difference between 24/25 on YouTube vs 30? I need expert opinions. I am between buying a PAL camera here and having one imported with all the duty fees that come along with it.
  5. That seems amazing for 600mA. Thanks for replying. I looked around the net and couldn't find an answer. Shame the camera seems perfect other than small battery and lacks 1080p60. Though the latter I suppose I could do without and can always get extra batteries I suppose.
  6. Found a big thread about the GM1 here, and the question was asked several times but no owner answered. How long can video can be recorded on a single charge with the Panasonic gm1? Regards
  7. The GM1 has now entered the mix, but the one I'm looking at is 24/25/60. Not quite sure 24p/50i will cut it. I have found one for $400 with warranty until November. Does anyone know if there is a hack to swap PAL to NTSC so I can shoot at 720p60 and 1080p30? Regards
  8. Thanks. I should note I'm in Thailand. Anything shipped from abroad will see a 20-30% duty... I also need to apologize, the GH2 is too big. I didn't look before posting. Definitely portability is a big factor. Would gh2 produce 'that' much better video than for example rx100? I have considered Panasonic HV550 as well, but it's $300 in USA and $600 in Thailand :-/ no way I can pull the trigger on that. Mic inputs and such not important. Though sound needs to be at least acceptable. Zoom not important at all I'm mainly looking at picture quality once its been processed and on YouTube and portability. The smaller the better and decent image stabilization. Can anyone comment on for example RX100M1 or GH2 video quality in decent (not pro) lighting compared to a low/mid range camcorder such ad Panny 520/550? Regards
  9. I think this is the only thing 4k is good for for the majority of people ('8mp burst mode'). I suppose a very select few will be using 4k mode for home videos and playing back on their 4k TV. What % of the public has 4k? I prefer to see them put the dough into improving 1080p. Though perhaps providing 4k means better 1080p? If that makes sense. If the optics and engine are improved to handle 4k, perhaps it will 'automatically' mean better 1080p by default is what I mean. I think a $200 compact will meet my needs. But I still really want this thing.... Checking everyday for release news.
  10. For video in decent lighting (indoors with good, but not pro lightning, and outdoors in day) will there be a large difference in quality with these types of cameras? I mainly will be shooting reviews of electronics and short interviews outdoors. All of the videos will be uploaded to YouTube. So that will likely entail some changes to the video as its encoded by YouTube after the upload. My budget is $500. I'm trying to stay as compact as possible. Had been looking hard at rx100m1 and lx7, but now wondering if nex 5n or gh2 may give a substantial boost in image quality on YouTube... Any advice?
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