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  1. Germy1979, much of Sony's color tilts towards the cold, especially when compared with Canon. If the a7s had internal 4k, I'd overlook that flaw in a second and move from Canon to Sony because of the tremendous value the a7s presents versus the C100.
  2. So I run a small film company, Lightworks Films, and we have done a few reviews on the Canon 5d Mark III and the C100 (here is one of my reviews). I am really interested in purchasing a Sony a7s, and to my eyes (online) the camera looks better than the C100 - can anyone with both cameras comment? Or anyone who has used both? I am specifically referring to resolution - not 4k, but how well the a7s resolves 1080 compared to the c100 at 1080. Thanks for your thoughts!
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