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  1. 3 minutes ago, sanveer said:

    I believe he said it will be introduced in the 1st Quarter of 2017. So about 6 months or (much) less. I hope the option to have IBIS On and Off is an option, especially considering the recording time, the noise picked up by the on-board mic etc etc

    I think he said first half of 2017 but we could get lucky. It's just that when they give these sorts of estimates it usually ends up shipping right at the end. 

  2. Sounds really cool! The only let downs were no mention of IBIS and that it might be 8-9 months away from release. Hopefully, the innovation of 4K 10-bit internal recording will force Sony and others to respond. Exciting times.

  3. 12 hours ago, Brian Williams said:

    Here's Gordon Laing-
    "I have confirmed that F log will only be on the HDMI output, NOT for in camera recording. A shame since it would be nice to have a flat profile for internal recording even at 4:2:0. Thanks for the tip!"


    Well, that is just incredibly stupid. If it raises enough critic they may change their minds. 

  4. We all need to write to Sony and request it.


    Absolutely! Sony do actually sometimes listen and add features in firmware, unlike for example Nikon that will only do bug fixes. I'd seriously  pay for a "pro" version firmware that increased the sensor read speed, even if it's gone generate more heat and may mean shorter continuos shooting. 

  5. It's early days, but I see a lot of potential in the A7s image. But I have a problem with its  the pretty extreme rolling shutter. It's just been measured to 30.5ms, which is probably the worst RS since the Nikon D90 at 33ms. The GH4 is about 13ms. So the A7s will need very careful handling.

  6. Rolling shutter has never really bothered me that much. It started to bother me when I used the BMPCC a little, annoyed me when I used a RED Epic for the first time in 4k (then had to change my style to compensate which friends/clients didn't like) and then saw the A7S rolling shutter just then.....what would it be like in 4k? Probably far worse?


    This is speculation until someone actually tests it, but iMO the rolling shutter will be same in 4K. Since the sensor does a full readout with no line skipping or pixel binning for both FF 4K and 1080p the rolling shutter should be the same. 

  7. The D810 has it traditional video feature online, shot by Sandro who also did the one for the D800

    According to B&h the D810 have a few video improvements like a flat picture profil, zebras for exposure control, and simultaneous recording to hdmi and internal card. Nikon has also said that the new expeed processor should help to further reduce moire.
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