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  1. File this one under, "Don't be so durned lazy, bosskev". I just searched the forum and found >this answer. Cool, and thanks AaronChicago, for so presciently answering my question! :) Still, if anyone else has any additional comments regarding real-world experience with the Transcend 128GB SDXC UHS speed class 3 media in a GH4 (especially at 4K DCI), love to hear your thoughts!
  2. According to the Panasonic manual for the GH4, it is only compatible with SDXC media with a capacity up to 64GB. However, this spec may be incorrect if, for example, 64GB was the highest capacity media available at the time the spec was written and higher capacities simply did not yet exist. Now they do, such as 128GB. Has anyone tried 128GB SDXC UHS speed class 3 cards in a GH4 yet? If so, do they function correctly and does the GH4 recognize and access the entire 128GB? Transcend makes a (relatively) affordable 128GB SDXC UHS speed class 3 card, and since we are still waiting for the
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