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  1. To my eyes the gh5 is already "falling apart" ...and only prores was used on the Ursa. @Aaron thanks for taking the time to do make the test.
  2. If you can't get the nuance the V-log profile offers like hihglights, look at here hair and eyes, with the like709 profile, I would go for V-log. Skin tones you can adjust, you can't ad highlights(rolloff).
  3. I like it too. It doesn't break easily. There is chroma smearing/shift as wel but it doesn't jump in your eye. I like the noise as well. Here is a grade The footage is very sensitive to contrast, before you know you're shadows get this burned in look.
  4. That would be very cool. I already like F-log better than V-log ...and thats from just grading two compressed jpg's. looking forward to the prores files.
  5. Might be an interesting test once you have the original file in your hands and not the compressed version with huge(!) macro blocks on the wall that you can download as "original".
  6. Here is what I see, as for some reason you can't see it I blow it up to 200%, so maybe that helps. You might have a differenrt skin color at those spots but not the color panasonic makes of it. I suspect it's caused by chroma smearing, I could be wrong though.
  7. This picture you provided shows exactly the problem Inazuma is talking about (chroma smearing). No need to go pixel peeping, viewing it at 100% is enough.
  8. bunk

    Tripod + fluid head

    It's old it weights around 9kg but I don't think you will find a better fluidhead with tripod attached to it for the money. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Manfrotto-tripod-3036-with-3063-video-head-/252794079493?hash=item3adbb38905:g:vHAAAOSw32lYt3Kh
  9. Thanks for sharing. This not OOC footage is it? It looks recompressed, but I could be wrong. Nevertheless nice to grade.
  10. How is this not on topic? The thread tittle is Gh5 -tips -tricks-and-questions. My questions is about specks -not noise- …grain if you like, that are/is artificial added to the footage as in, it’s a feature not a bug. Is it possible to have any influence on this new feature? …with NR settings for instance. Your answer: 3200 is clean. I’s not forbidden to not reply, if you don’t know the answer.
  11. Specks, I don’t think it’s mentioned yet. They are all over footage with higher ISO. I would like to know when they popup and why it pops up. To mask noise? To give the footage a more film like appearance? Something else entirely… The screenshot is taken from footage Gordon Lang shared Vlog 3200iso 25p 10bit. Added some contrast to make it more visible and pointed out a couple of them. https://vimeo.com/203993300
  12. Oops, I did do some test with a thread loupe. Might explain it never got worse, thanks!
  13. I haven't been to any botanical garden but I'm pretty sure I got the same issue with my bmpcc lcd. There are two specks. They are only visible when the camera is powered. I took the camera unprotected in a backpack with me, so I suspect it was caused by something scratching the surface and somehow damaging the innerpart of the screen as nothing is visible on the outside when not powered. Since then I'm more carefull and I don't even notice them anymore.
  14. This link might be usefull. bmpcc exposure
  15. My thought exactly. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1069604-REG/kupo_kg010011_mini_ball_head_with.html Never used it, but three users gave it 5 stars.
  16. Not sure how I fail as it was doen exactly as you descripted, but with three virtual camera's and lenses. You didn't believe the math behind it remember. The test performed proofed the math. You mean the test with the lens cap still on. No idea what it was about and don't care to find out. Maybe you can find somebody else to help you out. Looking forward to the results with the A7s. ps Sorry about the 'extra h' in your name. Noticed it too late and couldn't edit it after that for some reason.
  17. You either have a bad memory or you didn't read the thread. The simulation wasn't created for you. Matthias denied what Timotheus wrote... He is talking about the math behind it. No you cant. Look at the Tony Northup frame I posted. It clearly proves that you can replicate the image from a large sensor in the way YOU earlier suggested. I tell you what. Take the three lenses and sensor sizes you listed in your first post. Take three photos from the same distance of the same subject. A person with a background similar to the example I posted. I will give you $100 it they turns out exactly the same. tweak likes this As you can read Matthias suggest it can't be done the way You Timotheus suggest. In other words the math is being denied. That's why the simulation was created as it removes the imperfection of the lenses. Meantime the math is no longer the point of discussion, or so it seems. Film is not reality. Even more so in this day and age, as there are more and more CG generated movies produced. A reality you will have to live with. @ Matthias, still waiting for the $100,-. btw I settle for a lens. ...and btw I dig this thread and the adapter results.
  18. I might want to add that there was something 'fishy' going on. Turned out that the 422 10bit version I downloaded was in reality a 420 8 bit version. Emmanuel Pampuri replaced the file some what later and you can now download the correct version. It holds up way better. The "problem" remains, but doesn't jump in your face anymore.
  19. You're right you didn't quote him. You suggest he claims something he does not. Let me help you. This part means: No chance for panny to reach the pleasant Nikon colors Out Of Camera. This part means: unless you apply corrections and grade in post of course. In other words you can get the pleasing colors with the panny but not without post work. But I could be wrong of course.
  20. Is reading in the eyes of the beholder? ...as he claims the exact opposite of your bit silly translated quote
  21. The bad news is Pampuri's 'Constance & the Flowers' was shot a 10 bit ...and it's the worst footage I have seen (YUV chroma smearing wise). The YUV chroma smearing as explained by LPowell applies to 8 bit. So something fishy is going on.
  22. I should have used the term 'YUV chroma smearing' ...it's been a while. Here are two link where Lpowell explains about it. http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?340370-Exposing-V-LOG-L&p=1986578386&viewfull=1#post1986578386 http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?340370-Exposing-V-LOG-L&p=1986578534&viewfull=1#post1986578534
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