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  1. lots of stuff to think about after reading all these comments. seems that as a primary camera is not the best, i checked some p&s which for me could be enough as the sony rx100 and similar but wanted to buy something newer and with better quality for video. Since I saw the a6000 i really liked it and i'm sure is better on size and photo quality but the videos on lumix gm1 are better imo. confuses me to see how much most are in pro of the a6000 (or similar) and against the GM1 but at the same itme in similar threads there are few people who really like/love it (even though they do mention is tiny :D ) ... gotta try both definitely
  2. great feedback guys, i guess i will check B & H and Adorama (they currently have a good offer on the GM1 with some "gifts" included) and try to hold both cameras, at the end i will probably get what will feel better since both have similar price. For me still the pro on the GM1 seems to be what for most is the con: the small size. I am planning to travel next year with very few things and portability will be important but that's why i started this thread, to get some feedback and help me make an intelligent decision. Since i'm interested in Video i am even considering the GM1 with the SLR magic 17mm lens...but that's another story which i will have to decide later. thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, i'm new here but have been checking some post for a while now. for few months i've been checking different cameras to buy and so far i like the lumix gm1 and the sony a6000. Reasons: price range, size, and I've seen that both have good video quality besides the great photo quality for being a mirrorless. I am more towards the lumix gm1 but before i decide to really buy it i'd like to see some opinions on if is a better choice than the a6000. Also i'll be coming to US (from europe) in a few weeks so i'm looking for a store in NY that sells this camera since i haven't been able to find a retailer, does anyone know where i can check it out? thanks!
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