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  1. Well Andrew, please be brave enought to specify individuals with your derogatory and vulgar comments. If any of that is directed at me i’m gone.
  2. https://www.proav.co.uk/videos/closer-look-overexposure-bmpcc-4k/ Closer look at overexposure ...
  3. “you dont have your head screwed on right” Thats Andrew, he always uses the 180 degree rule, better motion blur.
  4. From the look on his face I think he’s in shock!
  5. That’s good to know BTM_Pix, if they even made some progress on the mft lens, it would be something.
  6. “BM have let themselves in for a few problems when all of their literature features this” They may not be part of the MFT consortium? If they are then they should have access to other MFT manufacturers lens settings corrections, distortion, CA, vignetting. The over-reliance of Oly and Pana on software corrections for their lens designs means that non Oly and Pana lens, with or without adapters are probably better corrected and will have fewer issues. Opticalimits, photozone, gives distortion values with and without corrections. Any mft lens starting at say 12mm have real issues without autocorrection.
  7. Ok, I know Andrew says that the 5D MK IV isn’t the same, but I only have the 5D and I decided out of curiosity to test against a GH5, after all the 5D MK IV has a reputation for softness due to the strong sensor filter, etc. I shot a number plate at 100mm, on a tripod, manually focused. These cameras are mainly used for photography so all at default sharpening, Canon 70-200mm f4.0 IS at f4.0. Pana 12-60mm f2.8-f4.0 at f4.0. UHD for GH5 and 4K for Canon. Canon set to 100mm, Pana set to 50mm. To equalise the framing in post, in the nle, I zoomed in on the GH5 clip to best match the Canons crop. I then captured a jpeg from both clips and compared. They were close, but the better of the two was the Canon. This surprised me. I wonder is it possible that Max Yuryev is using a different methology, i.e. maybe zooming the Canon less on the tripod to better match (because of Canon 4K crop) the other cameras? Thing is, if the latter method is used then the Canon is at a disadvantage because for a fair comparison the optical combination of Camera and lens should be the same. Of course if in the real world you were say shooting a fixed distance event, say a play or something, then the GH5 may well produce a better image because the Canon would need to be zoomed out, shot wider, if it was used to shoot the same event in 4K, and keep the correct framing.
  8. Ok, thanks, its a real issue all right.
  9. “The overreach has already caused enough problems for me as a Brit with the disaster of Brexit looming large, partly their responsibility…” Of course, they made me do it, its their fault. Last I checked the UK voted to leave, .. Brexit.
  10. Are these battery issues BTM_Pix while using an external drive only?
  11. Theres an SD / CFast media “Group buy” (Angelbird) thread starting over here ... https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=81013&sid=6a826e740604f8a837eb62ef64699ccc
  12. If some batteries are expanding enough to jam, then maybe they should be avoided, poor design. Or maybe the battery compartment is designed just too snugly?
  13. It is indeed ... shortly after Andrew had paid them a visit.
  14. That explains it all right😡
  15. Focus pulling, interactive guide ... http://www.focuspulling.com/bmpcc4kguide/
  16. I ordered with cvp about the 14th. April, still no joy, when roughly did you order?
  17. Something for Webrunner and the old fogies to reminesse on, a nice article on the game changing DV format ... https://www.redsharknews.com/production/item/5847-this-is-how-the-first-dv-cameras-changed-video-production-forever Relevance might be to BMPCC4K camera, maybe?
  18. Thing is Webrunner, its a video camera, first. Then theres braw. Most people who go for it should/would be for the codecs and better than the hybrids video. It doesn’t compete with the GH5/s as a hybrid camera, it can’t. Its a video camera.
  19. I guess because the 1 tb version has slightly faster write speeds.
  20. I suspect that the over reliance of mft Pana and Oly lens on software auto correction will lead to some issues with this camera not having the built in autocorrect capability for those lenses. The sensor glass thickness on this camera may be different to the standard mft thickness also. FF and or adapted lenses may in some ways be a better solution, the image circle being larger for FF, they are usually not designed to rely so heavily on auto correction for distortion, CA and vignetting. Having said that no one so far has complained too much about the material shot (the distortion issues are there to see though) with some of the zooms i.e. the Pana 12-35mm f2.8. Faster prime wide angle mft lens, like say the Oly 12mm f2.0 might show more obvious issues. Shooting in UHD rather than DCI might show a small improvement at the extreme borders also.
  21. This thread at times reminds me of the DPReview forums, at its worst. Give it a rest guys and lets talk tech etc. Theres already enough negativity here, and I doubt if ManchesterGate is yet completely behind us.
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