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  1. Hey peepz, A friend of mine wants to shoot stills and video for fun. Just wants to play a little. He asked for advise and I would like to recommend A camera (that shoots 1080p25 in a ok codec) A Vari ND filter (no high quality needed) A Monitor that has false color, 5" for 300€. I have adapters and a couple of russian/old german lenses that I would loan to him. I thought a GH2 with some feelworld monitor and cheapo vari ND would fit in this budget. Any ideas for monitor? Better camera option? Thanks Tim
  2. Hey guys, I have been shooting stills on my Nikon FE with AI glass for the last year and for my traveling I wanted to buy something like the Olympus Trip 35, very small and still of good quality. But I now think, for what I want to do right now I want something to shoot RAW. Id like a small body, fixed lens, good IQ which like my 7 inch tablet I can just throw into my backpack without it bothering me. No Leica M240 and I think not even Fuji X100T but something of alike. I d like to spent less and buy used. I dont need topnotch quality, for my hobby, good is good enough I guess. Any favorites? Knowing alot about cinema tools I have no clue when it comes to stills cams. So please help me!
  3. Hey guys, I am currently struggling to find a new monitor for use with my GH2 and BMPCC. No way to test where I live so I hit a wall which one to take. I want 5.6" or 7", pretty bright. Peaking and False color is what I demand from it. I looked into the following: Lilliput 663 O/P: Finding it new for 320€ Lillipit 664 O/P: Finding it used for 220€, but no tests or comparisons whatsoever to judge quality Aputure VS 3: Just new 390€ and something else: Small HD DP6 390€ used. Would that be worth it? I know Small HD to be a good brand, so I guess it would excell build quality wise over the Lillputs. Sadly MustHD and Ikan monitors are hard to come by here in Germany, used and new. Please share some recommendations!
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