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  1. But should files look so colorful out of the camera? Looks as if i was shooting in video log.
  2. I took some more shots during daylight just now, should the images look so colorful? I'm shooting at 800 ASA. The footage looks nothing like it does on the camera monitor when i view it on my computer. Samples http://we.tl/nkBkdNC1sG
  3. So, all the DNG files coming out of my week old BMCC look terrible, too dark, overly saturated and with tons of noise no matter the lighting. I uploaded a couple of files here http://we.tl/Ble91ZN7ad including a JPEG version of a DNG file, i'm able to somewhat make the DNG file usable in Lightroom but even after exporting it as a DNG file again, it still look terrible. Is there something wrong with my camera? The ProRes files in the same settings look great, my problem is only when shooting RAW. For the record i'm using one of the recommended SSD. Any help would be appreciated.
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