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  1. Hi , if the price isnt an issue for you check this out http://www.ebay.com/itm/TV-Logic-LVM-074W-7-Waveform-Vectorscope-Multi-Format-HD-SD-LCD-Monitor-/161288056722 tv logics is very good professional stuff , check out their other models ....
  2. Thanks ;) yes we did have one but it was ok :) Thanks :) yeah twixtor can make some nice work depending on how is the shot , always try to put your shutter as high as possible to have less motion blur " then its easier for twixtor to work " thats not a definied theory , its just my way .... Thanks for the feed , i get totaly what you mean .... u right it could be nice also , less disturbing maybe , will try next time :) Thanks , my friend , lenses was all canon L lenses / 16-35 2.8 / 24-70 2.8 / 70-200 2.8 / i had more but i think i used just those ones ... For the gh4 and a7s i never tried them so couldnt tell / am a canon fan , ihad 5d mk1 then the mk2 then the mk3 now and waiting a whisper about the mk4 :) Many thanks my friend for your kind words !!! the video u shared is amzing thanks / i realy like it cuz am a big fan of timelapse and all this video is hyperlapse , " moving timelapse "/ i think it took alot alot of time to make this video .... here is my old timelapse show reel around morocco : ps : i have made alot alot more timelapse since this , i will probably be making a new timelapse showreel soon ... mohamedtahiri.com / am also a photographer , there is some of my pictures in my website .... WOW that was a long message :) have all a great week !!!!
  3. I would love to share with you my first Raw video with the 5d Miii / Its an experimental teaser that i have made for a party Exept 2 or 3 shots all was shot in RAW aspecially all the Slow motion shots. Some of the slowmotion shots were twixtored in post. Hope you enjoy it and share
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