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  1. Not surprising, the world HAS been experiencing a pretty huge and deliberate dumb-down exercise since at least 9-11 alongside the growing corporatisation and their growing prioritisation of 'number chased/based averages'...... alongside their generic story averaging providing for a guaranteed and very average result/'product' all round! I'm surprised not just by the amount of new content, but by just how badly written a heap of it has also been via those sycophantic studio hires? or via stories which attempt to tell audiences how to think with their 'averaged plot formulas' and 'narrative
  2. Like Andrew said, it gets a wider audience AND potentially MORE discussion if free. Opportunist types talking advantage and scamming a world wide movement and narrative........who'd have thunk, I can't see that happening .....ever.........must all be fake news!
  3. If you haven't noticed the devolution of culture and society since at least 9/11 then you REALLY have been asleep.....the virus and reaction were ultimately more like the conclusion to the sadly deliberate and ongoing devolution.......and scummy transfer of wealth and power during a time of unquestioning 'fear' (or 'f you freedom'!). The first thing they did was to sadly divide society which is the last thing you do to maintain a society. "Each and every one of us are trading our world class EU passport for something clearly inferior and more limited" I think folks might have be
  4. The biggest problem has become divisiveness due to self-convenient ideological thinking on both sides of the crazy (which then simply justifies itself).....which has sadly been deliberately encouraged and been occurring for quite a few years now .....likely because of something as lame as folks chasing those meaningless 'upvotes' of divisive attention. Look at the current situation.......do you turn an apathetic blind eye to all the massive nonsense NOT being spoken about or discussed due to 'fear' and the subsequent 'obey and don't question' narrative (including justifying all those folk
  5. What a crappy year all round which really just highlighted all the absolute-knobs and their associated knobbery more than anything! Tom is unfortunately one of those uber-control-freak-knobs who was simply let off the leash (like many others) during our current and fear-based control-freak moment. I thought he quarantined everyone together for two weeks on a Cruise-ship in order TO CLEAR FOLKS first? The terrible social distancing 'infringement' shouldn't have been as big/such an issue when/if they were all supposedly cleared ........outside of Tom's need for 'control' and those
  6. There's just as much that is concerning about all this as there is in that potential excitement......someone else can try the new 'wonderful' first!
  7. You'll probably always see the consumer market chase pleasing consumers with nice looking final imagery while the pro-industry will prioritise that raw and workable-later imagery. They've at least started to add dual iso computational processing to their cameras, I'd imagine the new C70 holds up pretty darn well with for its intended use without the need for the RAW hard-on.
  8. "The best results are currently with Huawei’s high-end smartphone range. Yes, the ones Trump banned." Jezz give it a rest the arse is gone....you could talk about WHY the ban..... even if you are a gear head prioritising the chasing of the latest and umm 'greatest!' "Perhaps we should try exposing the RAW photo for the brightest part of the image…" That's what many of us are/have already been doing, there's a nifty thing called neat video (and others) which helps with that black noise.....which is also called 'mood' when you grade properly and darken it rather than trying to cha
  9. every pro camera should probably have a lidar scanner inbuilt for focus AND to generate a depth Matte to help with isolating subjects in post, include an accelerometer and some frame by frame meta-data and you have a scene tracked camera TOO for post!
  10. "but also the entire process of taking a picture........allowed our users to experience the joy of photography and the fun in creating images. PENTAX is committed to the future of SLR photography through the continued development of camera technology, making it more fun and exciting than ever before for all PENTAX users." What a load of nothing marketing toss, does he think we're vinyl aficionados.........sorry but your products are just tools to help me express and output my imagination, practicality rules, i'll decide on how much of the 'arty' bokeh I need along with deciding the import
  11. Andrew why the close-down on the c-70 talkback?........now I don't get to make a comment about Phil Bloom and his 'integrity' which he strangely ALWAYS talks about while conveniently also strangely misplacing his critical thinking skills (particularly the 'critical' part!) Does he work directly for Canon marketing now?
  12. Irrational Trump hatred is mental, he's clearly a massive co©khead...........but was only able to 'own' Apple like this because they'll shamelessly chase the dollar at any expense. That Mac Pro was previously built in Texas....... but it wasn't going to be this time until the threat of a tariff. They're both ar$eholes trying to win you over with their own self serving BS umm economics. Did you really need a second article Andrew?.......the world is fu©ked with either self serving economic plan. Let's be our own version of self serving........how much does this new en
  13. They're all a bunch of self interested A®seholes......why even take a side? The Trump factory already existed (which made the old cylinder Mac Pro).....Apple were going to manufacture the new Mac Pro in Shanghai via Quanta instead. Then the threat of a Tariff arrived...... but building the new Mac Pro back in Texas would avoid the Tariff. So Tim sat there like a muppet while the orange gimp lied about a new factory. Tim could have spoken up but then Trump would have simply reminded everyone about the wonderful outsourcing business practices of Tim and Co......and the simple
  14. The Revenant truly was great, my biggest gripe is that I don't have the chance to see it in 70mm in my city, partially because every 70mm capable cinema has been booked out with The Hateful 8. (yeah i know only 13% of The Revenant was shot on arri 65, but I'd still love to see that 13% up on the big screen). It's great that Quentin Tarantino is out spruking 70mm, I just wish he chose a different film to shoot in 70mm and by different I mean a film not mostly taking place in ONE location and an INTERIOR location at that (The film reminded me more of Reservoir Dogs than an epic 70mm western).
  15. G'day Andrew, don't even respond to the trolls and reactionary armchair internet critics, it brings the worst out in a person. I know you probably don't want to ban people/delete posts here, but screw it man, it's YOUR BLOG and there are plenty of people like myself who would not only support you doing whatever you wanted to do here but would also be glad knowing you're spending more time finding interesting information for us to read than wasting your time responding and defending yourself to a bunch of dicks! Honestly, it's a waste of your valuable time and effort even answering them
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