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  1. I‘m not part of them, although I hope so. I've been among the first persons in the product launch on March 3, 2014 and followed closely on what they do. That's why there are so many uncertainty about the new cameras. Maybe you can just contact with them if you want to kown more and they seem to be very easy-going people.
  2. I've added a offical PDF document released after the product introduction, which with more information (in Chinese) about the new cameras' features. It's not Prores but cinemaDNG or cineform for RAW. For the KineMINI, I think the most significant upgrading for the new KineMINI (let alone the KineMAX) and previous KineRAW-MINI and KineRAW-S35 is the option of 100 FPS high speed mode as well as the 4K capacity. As for its way of recording, it's mentioned 2K internal recording for KineMINI (page 22). The workflow is presented in page 30 in detail as well as bitrate (page 31). The KineSation is mentioned and termed as workstation, which I think serves as external recorder proving other functions (in the future) like diversified input / output format as well as debyer algorithm, applying of different LUT, management / playback / labeling / transcoding of footage (page 32) for free (so far for merely recording, page 35). The price for KineMINI is availble as ï¿¥19800(ï¿¥3237) for the body, which is indeed a little higher than BMCC4K in consideration of extra ï¿¥4000 (c.$654) for the optional 4K and another ï¿¥4000 for high speed capacity, but I think s35 2K is sufficient for entry-level applications. For the KineMAX, it's possible that the CinemaDNG is recorded internally. Note that two SSD are required for 6K cinemaDNG recording (RAW?) and only one is needed for compressed cinemaDNG data (page 48). This is why two SSD sockets are necessary (on the right side of a very compact body), which implying disk array to achieve high bitrate recording. It's really somthing for a young campany. The only riddle is its price.
  3. Now we have cheaper options in filmmaking. Quite exciting just like I have been part of them to have made such an achievement. What I thirst for now are the footages.
  4. Two digital cinema cameras and upgrade service is released today, key features including: 1. KineMINI: Max [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] with new added SDI for monitoring; 2. KineMAX: Max [email protected](?) (only [email protected] available now) with alleged dynamic range:16 [email protected] and 14 [email protected]; 3. Product upgrading: 4K and high speed mode upgrading available for previous KineRAW-Mini and KineRAW-S35. Time of delivery: April 2014 for kineMINI and May 2014 for kineMAX. The price will be available in 2014 NAB. More offical information: http://www.kinefinity.com/ http://www.filmaker.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=44409 PDF http://pan.baidu.com/s/1sjDB7ch
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