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  1. Hi guys, I am about to start shooting videos for a youtube channel (comedy based) where a typical episode will have my friend (who is going to be the star of the show and will always be in front of the camera) will be talking to the camera and frequently the cameraman (that would be me). He and I will have a good amount of conversation on while he is being filmed that is meant to make it into the episode. I did some basic research and it seems that the "Sony ECM-77B - Miniature Omni-Directional Lavalier Condenser Microphone" is getting a lot of praise for quality. I was thinking of buying 2 of these (one to mic him and one to mic me). I will be shooting this on my Canon T3i (and if all goes well buying a Canon 70D within a couple of months to replace it). From what I read the T3i has noise level/ gain issues when it comes to external mic inputs. Is that true? If so I was thinking of buying a "JuicedLink RM202 Riggy-Micro Dual-XLR Preamplifier, No Phantom Power" to plug into my camera to make everything sound better. Is anybody on here familiar with this equipment and maybe this very setup or a setup that is very similar to this? Does anybody have any input or suggestions as to weather or not this kind of setup would work well or have suggestions to replace some of the equipment? Thanks a lot
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