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  1. Hello all, thanks for any response ... I have answers. Who knows may be helpful for anyone else later. Main problem banding issue ... this is how they call it. It was just by my opinion a badly made batch of BMCCs. I was not so fortunate to avoid that. I complaint to my seller he send it back to Black Magic and they solve the problem I got back a new camera ... all banding disappeared . For anyone else if you find you have something like rolling banding inside a picture ... doesn't matter what ISO or lightning condition ... somehow it appears anyway. Contact your BMCC seller with a complaint under warranty they have to take it back and repair or send a brand new camera to you. Da Vinci issue > you were right its a GPU memory thing but not so bad as I thought ... good news ... first I didn't realised in between footage were some jpg pictures with higher resolution than full HD. It was the main troublemaker. In fact if I upload just Full HD video footage in mov, prores, mp4 its ok ... it works. Of course I cant work with 2K or even more but for me it not necessary. It means I'm fine now, it works ... thanks for your responses. by the way .. if you want to see how that rolling banding look like ... here we go , sample from my BMCC camera > http://youtu.be/WO3xg71Gmx4 play it in full HD and full screen quite bad ... isn't it ?
  2. Hey guys, I'm really keen to read a real description and advice which helps about these two things. 1) Did anyone noticed ... if you shooting with BMCC in low light condition that gives a strips rolling in dark areas. I know someone says well yo have to use lights ... I agree (it disapears if there is highr light level) but anyway this should not happen I think. Sometimes you need to shoot even in dark but you can't because strips are there. Is here anyone who noticed that, because i didn't find much about that on internet. It's like noone noticed that or people are cursed to talk about that. 2) Second thing ... there are quite lots of rumours about problems with Da Vinci resolve. It doesn't work or it gives well known error message > Your GPU memory is full. Try reducing the timeline resolution or the number of correctors. < I get it as quick as I upload any footage or it crashes soon after I open Da Vinci without any error messages. Well I have just a year old iMac with this configuration > Processor 2,9 GHz Intel Core i5,Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M 512 MB, Software OS X 10.9.1 (13B42) I have bought BMCC camera which comes with original Da Vinci and a USB key with code. I downloaded a newest version of Da Vinci which is which is latest release at the moment ... how on earth is possible, it doesn't work ? I'm bit frustrated, because cant see any solution even I read other people with similar problems. thanks for response Rob
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