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  1. I tend to disagree. The RED almost looks out of focus most of the time (maybe because it is?). I do like the "look" of the RED better though. Read somewhere that the purple dot which's supposed to be our sun is a bug, they're working on it.
  2. It's really not that bad, but I would've tone it down a little. I think Millers one is worse actually.
  3. I'm not that awe struck either, but I'm not judging that fast. That being said, I've never found many video's made with the BMCC 2.5k or BMPCC that I liked. 5D is a different story. This is, I think, the main difference: BMCC: Made to look like film 5D RAW: 25 frames of actual photographs (which is what the 5D was build for) It's just personal preference
  4. To be honest, I'm having a pretty difficult time interpreting your metaphor... But if I understand correctly, you're saying 1080p is a bit on the way out? Otherwise you may need to provide me with a new metaphor :P I'm worried that the 4K footage will show compression artefacts, even if it's shot at 100mbps.
  5. Thanks tosvus, looked the speedbooster up and it seems pretty neat! That will make my choice a bit easier. Still though, I'd really like to know how the GH4's 4K footage and 5D RAW compare, especially for coloring.
  6. I was wondering. I'm considering buying either a 5D mark III for RAW or a GH4. Both have their ups a downs, but both of them (as far as I've been able to see) produce stunning images. Sensor size is kind of a biggie for me though. I've put the ups and downs for me here: I own Contax Zeiss lenses, which are 35mm. Full frame ftw. (+1 for 5D) I already own a Sandisk 64gb extreme pro card, which I can use with the GH4. (+1 for GH4) GH4 is much cheaper (+1 for GH4) Recording modes (+1 GH4) Rolling shutter (I'm guessing +1 GH4) Noise (I'm guessing 5D still beats the GH4 here?) External Add on with XLR and SDI (+1 GH4) Magic Lantern (+1 5D) Here are my concerns really, can anyone tell me how the 5D's RAW holds up against 4K H264? As far as I can see, both look great... on the internet that is. Cheers
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