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  1. How that the CM1 seems like a video dud can someone recommend a 4k phone for video with add-on lenses available?  Now that I'm back in NYC I am constantly discovering things to shoot and want to make sure have the best phone since I don't like always having to carry a camera.


    Also, would a 4k phone need a telephoto lens or would zooming in (finishing in 1080) during post or using the digital zoom when filming work just as good?

  2. Because you have a great camera, one perfectly capable of capturing beautiful images? One that actually exists right now?

    Don't be too torn up about this - you're looking at probably a $4000 package with the base brick, plus more on top for all your cords and cabling. And if, down the road, you want to make the switch, you're in luck - these MFT bodies actually hold their value reasonably well (especially the Olympus ones).

    In the meantime, don't stress! You still have a highly capable shooter. There will always be new gear!

    Thanks, I needed that.

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