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  1. Thanks! Dark Energy is a texture management software. We've got it at my dayjob and I applied it to the image final sequence. http://cinnafilm.com/dark-energy/dark-energy-professional/ Process was: degrain and remove a bunch of compression crap, sharpen, add grain back in. It's sound redundant, but works great. I wanted to rough up the shots and give it a bit of grunge.
  2. Hey Guys, Just wanted to share a little anamorphic western I did a couple years ago. Finally finished put it online. Camera used was an unhacked GH1 (yea, I shot it a while ago) LA7200, used mostly a 24mm nikon Graded in davinchi Ran it through Dark Energy and cleaned it up most of the GH1 compression noise. It was a while ago, but I watch it on the big screen at a festival and I think it looked great.
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