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  1. I read somewhere (and please correct me if my recollection is wrong) that 2.39:1 is the standardised anamorphic ratio in cinemas today and there is a technical reason for that consistency recommendation which is pertinent to theatre systems. If that info is true then it would be useful to have an optic that fits those criteria for those embarking on an indie feature film.


    I was very impressed by SLR Magic's 1.33x although like some others I felt it lacked the subtle je nais c'est quoi that 2x brings. Other than the benefits of the 2x stretch, I hope it retains the characteristics of the other lens, such as the agreeable flare it produces.


    Is there any reason why the new lens would cost more than the 1.33x; would the 2x cost more to produce? If it's in that ball park then I'd confidently pre-order. 


    Personally, I'd want to shoot raw at 4k with this but I don't know of any affordable options since 2x requires a sensor other than 16:9 (BMPC and Kinefinity being affordable).

    Although, after seeing 'Road to Paloma' I still think the 5DmkIII with raw cuts it.


    Thanks for posting, Andrew.

  2. Very interesting. I considered a 4K Android phone recently but decided against it because I couldn't find an app that allowed me to shoot 24p and 25p/change frame rates. Anyone know different?
    Filmic Pro have no plans to port to Android so I'm looking at the iPhone again due to the stronger software and the image stabilisation. I wonder if the Panny phone shoots high frame rates like the iPhone.

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