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  1. Okay, after tons of research, I'm going to go for the GH3. It is a huge step up from the GH2 in most aspects and by the time I've got a grasp on what I'm doing, maybe it'll be hacked and I'll be able to push it further software wise. I think the best comment I saw above was to not learn on hacked software. I could essentially hinder myself in a way.    My next question is my lens choices-- I'm aiming to do video mostly, and have learned that you should always shoot in manual mode. Does this mean I should also only focus on lenses that have manual aperture? I'm looking for a lens that'll be able to give a shallow depth of field, produce great image quality and not necessarily run a hole in my wallet. If I'm spending around 1200 on the body, what lenses should I buy with the remaining 1200 that'll give me a good use and versatility for short films? 
  2. Hey guys, I'm buying my first camera soon, and I'll be using it to mostly make short films. Skits, shorts, comedy, maybe even record music videos and some landscapes?   Hoping to find a camera that is versatile in it's use so I can use two or three lens at most while I'm learning. I'm doing as much research as possible before I even put a dollar down because I know it can be pricey. I'd say my budget would be 3,000 and lower with few accessories maybe. Was hoping I'd be able to move my experience and lenset from this camera run onto my next in a couple of years.    I'm trying to find something that'll be able to last resolution-wise for the next couple of years as I learn and come into it. I'm hoping for something that shoots great HD 1080p 24fps right out of the box and more than likely i'll learn post production on H.264 and maybe move up to RAW or something higher eventually. I read that the workflow with RAW takes a bit of learning and processing power.    Here are my thoughts thus far:   I've found a $1600 5D MKII body only, and I wouldn't know where to start with the lens.  I've also found a$1700 6D body only [It doesn't have CF slots so I wouldn't be able to move into RAW]   I also saw that the D7 is getting RAW 1080p video soon from Magic Lantern, so I was curious if I should just wait around for that. Is this a guaranteed thing, by the way? ML isn't supported by Canon so they sort of just do their own thing, right?    I've also learned about the VAF filters to combat aliasing on certain cameras.    I saw the GH2[the hack looked very nice], GH3, and G6 and was wondering what my best option would be out of those three as well.    The 5D MKIII is way out of my budget for now.   So, if you guys could help me ingest this brand new world of DSLRs I'd appreciate it greatly. 
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