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  1. Okay, after tons of research, I'm going to go for the GH3. It is a huge step up from the GH2 in most aspects and by the time I've got a grasp on what I'm doing, maybe it'll be hacked and I'll be able to push it further software wise. I think the best comment I saw above was to not learn on hacked software. I could essentially hinder myself in a way.    My next question is my lens choices-- I'm aiming to do video mostly, and have learned that you should always shoot in manual mode. Does this mean I should also only focus on lenses that have manual aperture? I'm looking for a lens th
  2. Hey guys, I'm buying my first camera soon, and I'll be using it to mostly make short films. Skits, shorts, comedy, maybe even record music videos and some landscapes?   Hoping to find a camera that is versatile in it's use so I can use two or three lens at most while I'm learning. I'm doing as much research as possible before I even put a dollar down because I know it can be pricey. I'd say my budget would be 3,000 and lower with few accessories maybe. Was hoping I'd be able to move my experience and lenset from this camera run onto my next in a couple of years.    I'm tryin
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