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  1. I've done some work with Arri lights before and they are amazing lights! Had to borrow them a couple of times. I was also looking into the Arri LED lights on B&H. Unfortunately, they are really expensive and don't quite fit in my budget at the moment.    http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?sts=ma&N=0&Ntt=arri+led   An acquaintance of mine also recommended that I check out the ikan led lights and told me there was a sale going on. Hm... are these a good lights to go with?   http://ikancorp.com/promotion.php?event=WEEKLYSALE
  2. NickM713

    LED Lighting?

    Hi guys. I'm a filmmaker that currently shoots with dslrs (Canon t2i & 7D) and i'm looking into purchasing my own lighting kit to light some of my future projects (and slowly move away from renting and borrowing from my friends). I was looking into LEDs because they don't overheat, more lightweight, and generally don't use a lot of power. Any suggestions?
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