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  1. how close can you focus without close up diopters


    5 feet. If you can, get a low power achromatic diopter. brings it into a nice minimum focus range and can be used in many cases where you want to shoot wide open or close and maintain sharpness, control CA, etc. 


    Juan Lee: I don't have the 16h anymore but it doesn't flare nearly as much and colors are much colder, flares are smaller, and flares are blue and purple instead of the bh's gold and green flares. I also found, at least the copy i had, my bah vignettes a bit less and is sharper.

  2. Hey JohnBarlow,


    Is it not neccessary to "clamp," or at least in some way attach the taking lens directly to the ISCO lens? I can't tell if in your kit image the ISCO is merely infront of the taking lens or if they are attached. I just ordered a cheap KA298 on ebay, as well as the 3 parts you recommended! 


    So excited to experiment with anamorphic on my new 6D.


    Any input would be highly appreciated!





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