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  1. The thumb drive mentioned on the P-V forum a few weeks ago is  from my quick tests showing early signs of being a possible external media at a reasonable price. The 256Gb is £59 approx.

    256Gb Thumb Drive Aliexpress

    First when plugged into the camera it is able to be formatted in exfat or osx so that is a head start on nvme drives. The drive will need a suitable OTG usb C cable to be of practical use and I have currently got one on order to try.

    Initial results C4K lossless 24fps 360 shutter were full card recording without dropped frames. It did however drop frames once I changed to 60/24 at around 7 seconds. Dropping down to C4K 3:1 resulted in around 18 minutes recording but the battery died at this point. Hopefully I wil have time to do some real testing at weekend.

    A very short OTG cable could easily fasten to the side of a cage and drives swap would be easy without touching the on camera port. The Drive has an led that flashes when recording to.


    Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 06.28.52.png

  2. Updated a Dell laptop and ran into the "Something Happened" Bug. This was fixed by setting my "locale" to USA and a reboot even though in UK and using an Australian Dell. The other was a desktop which went flawlessly updating from Developer version 10130 using the Media creation tool. The only continuing issue is Firefox randomly crashing but main software such as Sony Vegas is solid.

  3. 2 batteries came with my A7S and I purchased a further 2 aftermarket batteries at $24 apiece.. For an intensive day's shooting I would be happier with 6-8 though. Sd cards as previously mentioned. Mine came with a Metabones Sony-Canon as a freebie which I am using with a Canon 70-20mm L series in addition to the kit SEL2870 (bought at a different time). At the end of the day it is how much weight you want to carry about.

  4. $2299AU or approx £1255 ( £1141 after gst refund) at a local camera shop in Perth Australia.




    Also a free lens adapter at $299AU via redemption.


    Picked up my GH4 from there a few weeks ago with the 12-35mm panny lens for $2350AU or £1170 after gst refund.


    Difference in price would pay the air ticket to collect!!






    The lens adapters are Metabones in Canon EF/ Nikon/Leica  flavours or a Sony A mount



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