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  1. Thanks for the feedback! :) I used the Cinestyle picture profile.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBqv8hSwhKw     After using my Canon 550D/Rebel t2i for shooting different project the past months, I decided that I wanted to test it even more visually. I made this film, for a film project at my school. The story is very open and "artistic". As a viewer, you can interpret it as you want really. Its about life and that you can just go outside and do something instead of sitting inside and be bored.  We filmed everything during two days with the Canon EOS 550D on homemade shoulder-rigs, and used only natural light (the sun and the existing lamps on location). I planned to use a Quadcopter for some shots, but because reasons it didn`t show up in the film.  I hope you enjoy the film, and give some feedback!    Directed/Shot/Edited by: Fredrik Winge Main actor: Andreas Brechan The "not so angry guy": Brage Wichstrøm ------------------------------------------------------ Music by: Philter Song: Insomnia Check out his work here!: http://thephilterlounge.com/  
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