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  1. Paulio, Can you send me some pictures to understand how you attached your 35mm and 85mm to your classic Iscorama? I saw the basic Vamp Clamp: ISCO-(49 to 52mm)-(BasicVampClamp 52)-Lenses35/85mm? Thank you.
  2. Dear Paulio, THank you for your answer. I had an email from Tony. He explained me that he was working on stuff. I would be very interested in your Tokina. Would you sell it to me, how much?   Thank you, Julien (you can contact me via MP)
  3. Just a quick question. Is Redstan website still working and is it a good website to buy things? Julien
  4. Paulio, Thank you for your answer. I've just bought the guide. I'll be back after my reading! Julien
  5. Dear Andrew, Thanks for you answer. If you have time, it would be very kind of you to give me some clues about my questions. Thanks a lot. Julien
  6. Dear Andrew, Glad to meet someone who knows Iscorama lenses. Can you tell me which Iscorama I do own? I guess it is an "original iscorama" with an Isco 50mm F2,8 lens (nikon).   I would like to know what are the different options I have to use this anamorphic element with other lenses on APS-C (usable out to 35mm as you said). - I would like to have closer focus (diopter 0,5 seems a good solution?) - I would like to have 35mm, 50mm (this one i have), 85mm lenses. Which lenses can fit and how? - What about the Redstan's rehoused anamorphic? How much is it?    Thanks a lot. Julien  
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