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  1. Coming from a photography background, I always got 77mm filters since they are the "standard" for "professional" lenses. Then I would just get step-up rings like a 62 to 77 for my Sigma 30mm 1.4, 52 to 77 for my Canon 50mm 1.8, etc.


    You could stack filters but that's adding more glass in front of your lens. This increases the chance of unwanted flares, glares, etc. but also can degrade image quality. When I don't need a ND filter, I sometimes shoot with no filter at all.


    One example was when I shot a video at night, obviously a ND filter wouldn't help. A UV filter on my Sigma 30mm 1.4 created glares that were annoying.. like they'd move when the camera moved. Don't use filters if you can, and use them if you have to.

  2. Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I didn't see a section to introduce myself so I guess I'll just share a video!


    A little tl:dr story about me, I started off as an amateur photographer until someone asked me if I could do a video for them. Warning them that I never shot video, I did it anyway while applying my photography knowledge into video. The result is me selling my 40D to get a 60D lol. First one I did was back in August 2012.


    The person that asked me is the same one I just finished my recent video for. He goes by Sizzle and is a hip-hop artist.


    Gear info:

    Canon 60D

    Sigma 30mm 1.4

    Canon 50mm 1.8

    Flycam Nano

    Neewer CN-160 on a lightweight monopod


    I don't know many editing softwares except Sony Vegas Pro 12. The photographer in me tells me to try to get it right in camera and not rely on Photoshop. Well, in this video you won't see special effects to try to make it fancy lol although I'd like to learn them one day to have in my arsenal.




    Views are around 31k in his channel, got there in less than a month. This is my third music video. CC welcome. All my videos thus far have been on other music websites (not like MTV or BET or anything lol) so the feedback so far from fans have been great. The only CC I get are from fellow videographers lol.


    Also, Like my page if you want :) I try to update it with other video projects I'm doing but also sharing photography/videography stuff/news. I currently have at least four other music videos pending. But with school and all I can't really get to them yet.


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