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  1. "people" is such an expansive term...I am a "people" who is a full-time public school teacher and looking to get into the creative side of arts and photography/video for passion not pay so I care about some of the same issues as paid "people" such as DR, latitude, detail, ease of use...


    I have not tested ML on my 5d3 but from the thousands of raw video being used and posted, even in paid gigs, it is definitely worth comparing...in fact it should be the litmus test....if the new 4k downed to 2k video can't compete with ML Raw (especially for those who have more freedom/time) then why on earth would myself and those like me purchase codecs that don't compete with ML raw}?

  2. Interesting.  Thanks for the feedback.  Maybe anamorphic would be the way to go but are there inexpensive (relatively) ones to be had?  There is a reason well-made documentaries and movies tend to use some of the same/similar camera bodies.  I personally am liking the a7s so far, but some gh4 footage does look pretty incredible.  


    Not sure if either trump 5d3 ML raw


    on paper: gh4

    gut: a7s

    overall: ML raw?

  3. I'm not sure how else to embed frame .tiff grabs from my computer to the post but i too two a7s and two gh4 clips and a7s feels cinematic while gh4 looks like a camcorder with super high resolution.


    Am I really the only person who agrees with this sentiment because layman friends I ask agree and I am looking to shoot to appeal to the masses not spec battles...maybe I am missing something?

  4. Since several videos have been released since I started this thread including some grading examples...does anyone have updates on their opinions regarding the GH4 vs. ML Raw debate?



  5. The 5D Mark III is a good option but have you considered the GH4 as well? The slow-mo would be a nice artistic flourish for weddings. It's small and unobtrusive. You can roll for hours in 1080p and it shares one of the C100's features in that the HDMI output is uncompressed 4:2:2. 4K if you choose to shoot it will give you better looking 1080p and the ability to crop in post, all with file sizes less than for 5D Mark III raw when you really need the extra quality.


    However you may need to invest in new lenses to suit the smaller sensor.


    Andrew:  What is your thought (although it is premature) on the internal codec ability of gh4 vs. 5d3 raw?

  6. I've noticed that more than 50% (closer to 80-90%) of videos on vimeo/youtube of the cameras we discuss (panasonic vs canon raw) are "tests" of people's children, random shots in a city or field.


    Is there a way to find out of worthy videos that were actually compiled for production?  


      (i.e. commercials, documentaries, narratives, travel logs, etc.)


    It would be nice to see what can actually be accomplished with these systems and it may actually serve to help consumers make more informed decisions rather then looking at a static candle or apple at different ISO between a hacked GH2 and ML raw...


    I mean I have a 5D and am worried that if I invest in the storage for raw that the process and time to correct and edit to output is not worth it since I am doing this as an amateur vs. going into the M43 systems which do a better job at getting detail out of their codecs ...


    just curious on thoughts and responses...



  7. Greetings,


    I am looking to purchase a good zoom for my 5d Mk 3.  I am between 24-70 and 70-200 both from Tamron.  It is for general documentary work (interviews, scenes, etc.) as well as for travel/friends/personal use.


    With the 3x crop mode on ML Raw is it necessary to get the 70-200 for my purposes if I can get great range from 24-70 using 3x crop mode?


    I currently own a nifty 50 and a Samyang 85 1.4 lens.  



  8. Good points...
    I am a public school teacher not looking to do this professionally.  Most responses look like: "well then who cares if it is h.264, raw, 4k, etc. just get out and shoot" while in theory I get it...it doesn't answer my questions.  Being an amateur with a low budget doesn't mean I don't want excellent quality.  Some will also say:  "then get a few CF cards, a card reader, bigger/faster HD and try out ML raw" to which i reply: "what if I realize it isn't worth the hassle and I'm better off with a gh4 or a hacked gh2 etc? all that wasted money"
    a few questions:
    1. obviously we have to wait till the gh4 is in the wild to see what it can do without true 4k and massive add-ons, which I wouldn't get regardless...I'd record to the internal gh4 codecs ONLY:  GH4 internal codec specs vs. ML raw specs on a 5d MK III who wins for overall "look" when compared as closely as possible...obviously speculation.
    2. What sites/books/tutorials offer the best Mac workflow for raw.  I don't mind time intensive in the sense that I will have to walk away from the computer while it converts/renders certain steps for hours...as long as those hours don't entail me to be glued to the computer, which is insane for my amateur purposes.  I will be getting a Mac so best quality/easiest workflow suggestions?
    3. iMac 27" :  
          a. is it necessary to go from 1gb to 2gb or to 4gb of dedicated GPU options?  Can 1gb be fine for raw or is 4gb necessary?
          b. can a 1tb internal SATA drive be sufficient for video editing or is there a real benefit out of fusion or SSD?  I'm sure there is an obvious benefit but cost/benefit analysis is it practical and necessary?  Remember I DON'T have a deadline, I teach children and don't work for a production company
          c. best exernal HD options?  It sounds like I should import and edit on a fast external drive?  is this correct? if so what size/type.  What suggestions for back-up of videos, pictures, music, files?
    Remember think from my perspective!
  9. thanks for the advice all :).  any other options/opinions?  I am thinking of upgrading RAM myself.


    is 256 Flash internal drive sufficient for all the programs etc. i'll have on my mac?  


    What external drive would I get to unload and edit ML raw files?  How about back-up for my videos, and general videos, pics, documents?  Is there a book or website that can help since I clearly am not familiar with any of this?



  10. So it seems that some good advice made its way from these forums and direct messages into my ears.


    I will not be selling my 5D3 as of yet.  I will invest in Komputerbay 64gb CF cards and get working on some continuous raw recording.


    I have a 2011 MBP with 8gb ram and specs not worth listing since it can barely handle h.264 video let alone RAW.


    I am looking to get an iMac and purchase some external HD's for a workflow solution.




    1. iMac:  is it worth upgrading internal HD from 3tb SATA to 1-3TB fusion?

    2. iMac:  Should I upgrade gpu to 4gb? I am not rendering 3d or playing games...is it necessary?

    3. Storage:  I need an external to import/edit videos (SSD?) and for storage (7200rpm HD 4gb or higher)??? suggestions for this?


    Anything I am missing?



  11. Specifically though:


    How do you think the GH4's internal codec (without having to purchase additional equipment to record externally) straight to the SD card will compare to a 5d Mk 3 RAW:


     purely on aesthetics/sharpness/filmic look


    GH4 internal recording (no external) vs. 5D3 Raw



  12. Great info gentleman and interesting debates.

    To be clear, as states I'm an amateur enthusiast and the biggest task facing me as a 5D owner is being naive to raw shooting and editing. I do love the FF look and ISO performance in low light.

    I will not be a candidate for the 4K "box" add-on as cost would be prohibitive.

    Therefore, based in general knowledge of ml raw quality versus what the gh4 seems to be outing out through internal codec what are the pro and con table for that comparison

    5d raw vs gh4 stock (no 4k box add-on)???

    I'd like to shoot docs and get maybe a 30-60 minute production

  13. Greetings friends,


    Several months back I purchased a Canon 5d Mark III for video and photography.  I was debating between that and the GH3 and had chosen it for fear that the GH3 would give me too much of a "soccer mom video" feel to my videos.  


    Since ML I have loved what everyone has been producing with it but have yet to dive in myself since I'm pretty much an amateur enthusiast, though I am willing to learn if it is not obnoxiously time intensive. 


    With the announcement of the GH4 with 4K video I was contemplating selling my 5D and taking the cash to purchase a new GH4 assuming the video surpasses the GH3 and is close to 5D raw.


    My internal thoughts are as follows for pro/con:


    5D raw pro:

      1. full-frame

      2. raw quality

      3. lowlight capabilities


    5D raw con:

      1. extensive workflow that demands intensive computing and time

      2. Komputerbay errors when recording with fear of missing content


    GH4 pro (unknown obviously to full extent):

      1. simple workflow for high quality 4K

      2. high quality video without massive need for space like raw (assumption)


    GH4 con (unkown obviously to full extent):

      1. lowlight capabilities still show artifacts and noise like GH3


    What are your thoughts? The BMPCC would be a great option too but the fact that it doesn't take pictures make it less desirable to someone who would like to create great videos and take excellent stills.


    I am looking to finance an iMac 27" and research the best configuration and an affordable external storage workflow to correspond with either the ML Raw if I keep my 5D or the replacement camera (GH4 etc)


    Any and all comments/observations/advice is greatly appreciated in advance!!

  14. AWESOME feedback. I really appreciate it.  


    If I could sum up your major points it would be (correct me if I missed some major issues):


    1. Better composition

    2. Better focusing

    3. Longer focal lengths to get creamy DOF (purpose of DSLR)

    4. Vary shots based on music


    Any suggestions regarding post production?



  15. Greetings!

    This is of my uncle's excellent blues band on Long Island NY.

    The first clip of the female singer is the Rokinon 85mm 1.4 and the second clip/song is the Canon 50mm 1.8 (which has considerably less noise) and these are my only two lenses I need to think about a 24-70, 70-200 or other primes. I believe I used AWB for both. 

    It is apparent I need to buy a monopod since my handheld was shaky and no IS for either video.

    I'm looking for general impressions/feedback. If you have advice on how to improve the quality/sharpness of the video with less noise as well (lens suggestions/settings). Also, any advice on contrast/coloring and what program you use. I used FCPx to do this. I know that AE has a sharpening tool that may have helped and I'm sure it may have a denoiser for that second clip but still new.







  16. Hi all,

    I have been swamped with work and look forward to taking my 5d MK3 out this weekend for some video/photo fun and learning experiences.  There are a few things I need to get (Variable ND and CF card currently using a 16gb Sandisk SD leftover from 60D).  

    I see that Dave Dugdale is in the mix of creating/mixing an instructional video for the 5d MK 3 primarily for video.  I also saw that f-Stop academy has one and if you google a few more options come up.

    I wanted to get some general and specific feedback.

    I'd like to obviously get more proficient at both video and photography and while many will be inclined to say read forums and practice I can't help but think that well produced video tutorials and books/pdfs are already available to speed up the learning curve.  (this includes: capturing AND editing video/photo)

    Thanks in advance!


  17. Today 12:50 PM
    Greetings! I'm looking for guidance in a few areas:

    1. Cf cards and sd cards for 5dmk3
    2. Hard drives (storage import as well as for editing off of)
    3. Workflow:

    I have premiere, fcpx. Light room

    i don't have a clear understanding of the order and way to import, edit, color correct, sharpen, or compress/exexports


  18. So I pulled the trigger on a 5d3.

    My Rokinon 85 1.4 and tamron 17-50 for my 60d won't work. Any suggestions for video? Prime vs Zoom? Tamron 24-70 looks like a good deal?

    also can I get good audio with rode ntg2 directly into camera? Or should I keep it going into my h4n?

    any good mono pods ? Is manfrotto the on,y viable option?
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