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  1. I got a copy of this lens from SLR Magic a few weeks ago. I love the look it produces, especially on the BMPCC. I used it mainly with the 20mm f1.7 and 14mm f2.5. However, it doesn't really suit my style of shooting. I really want to take the time to shoot Anamorphic, and while this is certainly faster and more efficient than say, a Sankor 16c, it still takes a little more care and precision.


    That being said, I think I need to part with this lens combo. If anyone is interested in getting a copy shipped within the US, let me know. I have the whole kit, the 35mm SLR Magic, Anamorphot 50, all diopters and step up rings. It is in impeccable condition (took it out for 2-3 days on a shoot). I think the kit is retailing for $1899, but I'll glady sell under that for $1600 OBO.

  2. This is truly a remarkable feat. However, I am worried about CF card prices at the moment. Say I went conservative with the 1920x720 option, 2MB per frame. 24fps x 2MB per frame brings us to 48MB per second of footage or approximately 2.8GB per minute. A 64GB 1000x CF card runs about $300 on Amazon. That's $300 for about 23 minutes of footage. The BMCC gives you about 30 minutes per 256GB SSD, which will run you $200, with a little more DR and 2.5k res. I think if you do not own either camera, the BMCC is still a better buy, but they are so so close now.


    However, those of you lucky ones that already own a 5D MKiii, congratulations on Magic Lanterns best discovery yet and turning your camera into a BEAST. 

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