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  1. Surprisingly it seems difficult to find a good service for sharing/streaming and archival quality backup (keeping the original raw files).   Wouldn't it be convient to just say, here's 1 TB of files.  Backup the original files, automatically convert to all convenient streamed formats, let me add/search meta data and control who sees what for viewing/playback.   Oh, and if I want to save upload time let me ship a hard drive to seed the archive for no additional charge.   And of course it would have to be fairly priced, not a hundreds of dollars per month thing.   Can I not find this because:    1) It already exists I just don't know about it    2) It wouldn't be a popular or useful service    3) It would cost a fortune   any feedback appreciated.
  2. Qongo

    Royalty-Free Music?

    I've found that you greatly increase your choices if you broaden your search to include low price licenses as well as royalty free.   There are actually some good tracks out there that don't sound generic if you're willing to spend $25-$50 at one of the sites that lets you deal directly with artists.
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