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  1. The problem is that almost nobody or no review site measures comparable video specs so that we can compare video cameras easily. The knowledge is scattered all over the net. I have been asking to shoot with video same charts they take photos in camera review sites. Best site with some comparable charts and reviews is in my mind:




    They have FS-700 test too.

    Pity it's in German with no English version... :(

  2. Please allow me to hijack my co-terranean's thread, because he and several others raise issues I'm interested in. I come from film, so I do have a good base to deal with video issues, which still fall short when compared to film. Even Arri or Reds or whatever fall short from film, but video IS more practical and these new cameras are a fantastic tool for independent filmmakers. The now more available RAW choice has even shortened the distance between many photo cameras and the Big League (Arri, Red, Sony).


    First of all I wonder why it was recommended to stay away from the BMCC and what video experience would you need to use it. What do you exactly mean by that?


    Second, what computer requirements do you need for processing BMCC or BM Pocket RAW video? That is beside HDD capacity. ;)



  3. The starting lens I was thinking for the BM Pocket was this one:




    Any comments for or against it?


    Anything close/better in price and/or quality to recommend?


    Not in S16, but in plain 16, perhaps one of the best deals in lenses was the Angenieux 9.5-57mm. I think someone did try it in the Panasonic GH2, but I'm not sure if people are using it.



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