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  1. Really like your new short 'The Machine,' Very nice experimental feel to it, which you're not new to utilizing. The editing and style is more important than the quality of the GH4 here, which is refreshing with all the recent GH4 tests. That being said, you do have some very good quality "cinematic" shots in there. I'm interested to see your tests with your new EF focal reducer purchase as well as more anamorphic tests. Ryan Glover did a nice test with Lomo glass that I haven't seen posted here:

  2. I like what they're doing as well. I'm pretty invested in the Nikon 1 system right now as my ultra portable stills/video cam. Though video mode has always looked better on the rx100 compared to nikon 1 series in my opinion. Nikon 1 doesn't offer 1080 24p/25p which is a bummer, but it's 30/60fps full resolution burst mode is too good to pass up. No camera has it all, but this new rx100 definitely has a lot going for it.

  3. I think a good full frame 4k image for under $5000 is pretty reasonable ($2500 a7S + $2000 Atomos Shogun + SSD's). GH4 looks like it will still be the go-to indie filmmaker camera for awhile because of it's internal 4k 24/25/30p and (somewhat soft)1080p96fps at $1700. Fast SD cards + optional $400-480 Metabones Speed Booster make it around $2300, or less half the price of a7S 4k kit, for a 4k image around super35mm field of view but not as good ISO. I'm looking forward to seeing more 4k a7S footage (rolling shutter worries me) as well as what raw can bring to the BMPC 4k camera (if only they offered a sony e-mount version to allow for a speed booster!). The a7S and BMPC will obviously each have their strengths, but the GH4 seems it will be the winner when it comes to portability, file size to quality ratio, and price.

  4. My guess is the 'dedicated GH4 booster' will have focal reduction somewhere close to the BMCC one, yet be designed to make sure the back piece doesn't touch the shutter sheild at all. Right now the BMCC version only have Nikon G and Leica R, so who knows what mounts they'll choose for a GH4 one. If I were you I'd go ahead and buy that Olympus OM version to take more advantage of your fast lenses.

  5. Still 40 frames max, but that actually means it has a bigger buffer since the megapixels increased... Would be nice if it had a Small Raw mode at 4,6 megapixel (18,4 : 4) for 160 frames...


    Small raw mode would take this camera to another level

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