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  1. Hi. I've read good things about the Schneider Kreuznach Cinemascope Anamorphic Lens with lens holder for 15mm rods available on eBay for £250.00 here:


    So I'm thinking that this would be a good first step into Anamorphic.

    My lenses are SLR Magic's 12mm 1.6, The Voightlander 35mm 0.95 and Nikon AIs 24, 35, and a 50 and a speed booster.

    Is there any compatibility issues that I need to be aware of with any, or all of these lenses.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. The C100 and FS100 are both super 35 cameras.
    Which means that the only camera out of the 2 that can deliver a full frame look (if that's a priority, or you have a lot of EF glass as opposed to EF-S glass) is, ironically, the Sony. As metabones don't make an EF to EF-S speed booster.

    So your 24mm 1.4 will look like 24mm on the FS100 with the adapter. Get a Smart Adapter as well as a Speedbooster and that same lens can double as a, roughly, 35mm as well. Same goes for all the other lenses you have. Provided they are EF mounts. And you get 60p as well.

    On the Canon the Super 35 crop is all you've got. And you can only get 60p with the 60i Premiere CC work around.
    But the C100 is just so easy to pick up and shoot with. I've only used one twice, but each time it's a pleasure. The ergonomics and metering are spot on in my opinion. As for the FS100, I've only used it once and that was all tripod so I can't comment on what it is like hand held. But handling it at the end of the day it seemed ok but no where near that solid and compact feeling that you get with the Canon. Again just my opinion. The images that both these cameras can produce is great.

    Personally I haven't been able to justify owning anything other than my GH3, my SLR Magic 12 and 25 and my Voightlander 17.5. I feel that I have a hell of a lot to learn before I can truthfully say that I've out grown those.
  3. Hi Richard,


    Is it the bevelled edge on the Brass that you mean?


    How did you do that, out of curiosity? A lathe or a file and grim determination?


    Looks good, how would you rate the results?



    It was a combination of lathe and an angle grinder.

    I had the over all diameter reduced from 40mm to 37mm by a local engineer. That was as much of a reduction as I dared at the time as I did not have the adapter with me to check it for fit and the outer wall of the mount was getting pretty thin. When I got home I had to reduce the base even further in order to get to infinity. I did this by clamping an angle grinder in a vice, mounting the lens base on a short pole and carefully grinding down the bevel until the base felt snug in the adapter.



    Next time I will make sure sure that I have the adapter with me when I need any more lathe work done.

    What is really cool is that the engineer that I went to is happy to do more work for me in the future as it is literally only 5 minutes of his time. I had to insist on giving him some cash as he did not know how to charge for such a small job.


    As for the lens I quite like it. There is a definite fall off in sharpness at the edges within the crop area when wide open but I like the feel of it overall. Though, like you have mentioned before, the big variable is the accuracy of the adapters.


    The lens also fits my V1 adapter but my camera is in for repair. I'm quite interested in how it looks on the Nikon.

  4. I have found this bajonett-replacement for Tevidon prime lenses on Ebay:



    Has anyone tried this yet?



    I ordered it last week for my 10mm Tevidon and will post an update here as soon as it has arrived.


    My lens came with this mount already attached. It is this adapter that increases the diameter.

  5. @Richard: is that the same lens as this one? http://verybiglobo.blogspot.nl/2012/03/nex-7-carl-zeiss-jena-ddr-10mm-f2.html
    hat guy seems to put it on a C-mount to NEX adapter without modification. But maybe the M43 adapter is different?

    Sorry for the delay in replying.
    Yes it is the same lens. It feels nice an solidly built. A handsome little little fellow dare I say.
    However I think that most C-Mount to NEX adapters can accept lens diameters up to 44mm.
    Some stepped C-Mount to MFT adapters can can except diameters that exceed 37mm but at that point the lens is held further away from the sensor and (in some lenses at least) the focus to infinity problem occurs. It's a shame because I was hoping that I could also use this lens with my V1 but that has a similar restriction due to to mount diameter. My initial thoughts are to fabricate a new back plate for the lens from an adapter plate. That would actually increase the available diameter as the support around the recess would then not be needed. All this is theory right now but I will keep you posted. It will be a while though as I'm very busy right now.
  6. Is there any evidence that their edge is slipping in sales? Are innovators like Sony (EVF/form factor), Panasonic (featureset), Olympus (IS), being rewarded for their efforts with increased market share?


    A quick (purely unscientific) google search seems to show that the top 10 DSLRs of 2012 are all Nikon and Canon. So I guess that the answer is no unfortunately. 

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