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    Jon7athan got a reaction from J.P in Nikon V1 - shooting 4K 60fps raw for $200   
    Y'all are working entirely too hard at this.  Adobe created the CinemaDNG & the photography DNG specifications.  Use their tools.
    In Adobe After Effects, create a new composition. Import File. Select the first .NEF file, Import As:  Footage, check Camera Raw Sequence. Very Important to bring the hotness.  Use Camera RAW to initially grade your footage. There is this weird thing where the default Frame Rate is set to 30fps.  Right click sequence and interpret footage where you will change the frame rate to what you captured in camera at.  
    Ready to use Premiere Pro to create your edits.
    In Premiere Pro, under File, select Adobe Dynamic Link, select Import After Effects Composition, find your .aep file in the browser. It will list all the compositions in the right panel, choose your shots. Add to timeline and edit.  
    You have not compressed the files (converted to jpeg or tiff), you get to use Adobe Camera Raw (same as used in Lightroom) to edit your RAW sequences/files, any changes you make in After Effects will now be reflected in your Premiere Pro project through dynamic linking and you did not need to create proxies.  The best of all worlds.  
    This works with .NEF files as well as .DNG CinemaDNG files.  With the original CinemaDNG files you keep the timecode generated by your Blackmagic Camera, Ikonoskop A-Cam dII, or Digital Bolex.
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    Jon7athan reacted to zach_daniels in Nikon V1 - shooting 4K 60fps raw for $200   
    Hey everyone, looking forward to seeing some of the cool stuff that you all come up with using the V1.  I got mine yesterday and shot this little piece today.  Nothing fancy, but impressed with what it can do.  Definitely won't replace my HDSLR's but it is a fun tool to use and play with.  Enjoy!
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    Jon7athan got a reaction from zach_daniels in Nikon V1 - shooting 4K 60fps raw for $200   
    After downloading the original 2.5K .mov file and viewing, just gotta say WOW. I won't compare it to another 2.5K camera that isn't shipping, but it would be interesting to see the footage with a RAW workflow  Good job Zach.
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