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  1.   Craig,   The aperture ring on my lens is perfect, buttery smooth and no clicks.  I'm not sure what's going on with lens, but that doesn't sound too good.  I would definitely contact SLR Magic about it.    Does the aperture ring turn, but the blades do not move...or does the ring just not turn at all?   
  2. Hello EOSHD community, thank you for allowing me on your forum.  I just ordered and received this week my SLR Magic HyperPrime 25mm Cine T/0.95. I emailed them last month and was placed on their pre-order list. I received an email from Jane at SLR Magic late last week stating they are taking payment for pre-orders. I completed payment via PayPal that night and the next day received an email that the lens was shipping that day, and I received the lens two days later!   They are discounting the lens $150 for a limited time, and for the first 100 customers they are giving a free lens-
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