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  1. Already tried with a external card reader, another card, and still nothing. Getting a bit frustrated..
  2. Hy there, I use to have a Canon 550d, that i used for photography, but mostly for video. I recently traded it for a new Panasonic Gh2k. I´m discovering yet almost all the features, but whats giving me the biggest headache, is that i can´t export my videos, to my mac pro, just like i did with the Canon. Why is that, and what can i do to resolve this. Each time i make a few videos, when i put the memory card on the card reader of the mac pro, in the Private folder, theres only one icon, that when open shows all the videos made, but, with no option to transfer one buy one, to the computer. What am i missing here? Do i require any kind of soft wear because of the different video format? Canon= .mov Panasonic= avchd Can anyone help me with this? Regards, Ricardo Malveiro
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