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  1. Hello, So i just ordered A new GH2 camera (thank you for you help, choosing it).   just wanted to know about batteries, i understand the original battery is expensive, and there are many third party batteries available. but most of the are non-decoded which mean i won't see the battery indicator on camera.   are threre any third party decoded batteries available?   i've seen some batteries indicated 7.4v, when the original one is 7.2v, is it ok to use it?   thank you in advance Emy
  2. Thank you very much for all the answers, it helped me alot. axel, can you please tell me more about the 'iso bug' that the gh2 has? [url="http://www.eoshd.com/comments/user/20711-galenb/"]galenb[/url] where can i find a gh2 for 500$ i can only find it for 699$ with the kit lens. does the price of the gh2 is expected to drop with the launch of the gh3?   thank you again for all the information    
  3. Hello, I'm a student for film making, and i'm looking to buy a new camera that will serve me during my studies. I read lot's of reviews and watched lot's video's on the web, all of them narrowed my options to two cameras that fit my badget and answer my requirements. 1. Sony Nex-5n 2. Panasonic GH2. I undersatnd that the GH2 can be hacked in order to get better resaults, and the sony not yet. i'm Swtiching to one of them from a Canon HV30, because i want better quality, DOF and low light shooting.   Which Of the two do you recommend generally and also specificly for film studies?   Thank you in advance Emy
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