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  1. nevermind I Just hit format on the card and did it.. but does this delete the hack I have going?
  2. how do you format it in the camera? I have only been taught and told to do it through the computer...
  3. For some reason, now on my gh2, i just formatted my 32gb 95mbs sd card on my computer and when I turn my camera on I can't record video. After two seconds it stops recording... When I turn the camera on it says "this card is not formatted with this camera and not suitable for movie recording" Anyone know of the solution?
  4. Those lilliput seem decent. I could maybe afford one of those, I just don't know how essential it is... I have small hd tvs at my house that I could use as an external monitor but that won't help for portability.. Does the lilliput connect right to your gh2/dslr? Any other suggestions?
  5. I think I need an external monitor but I would like to not spend a bunch of money.. Any suggestions out there on an external monitor out there that I could purchase, one that could be portable.
  6. ok ok I hear that... I think external monitor I am going to eventually need to get anyway so I will stick with that.. But still can't decide on the follow focus or the gear ring.. Where is the crank for this follow focus with this stabilizer? Is that how the follow focus works? Do you know of any videos, I just can't picture this thing working in my head (with gh2)..
  7. o wow Hey Thanks galen... Interesting stuff... 1.Is that viewfinder similar to getting an external monitor? Meaning, will it help you see the screen better? Is that its main function? 2. That follow focus/stabilizer is so cheap I may have to get one.. I can't find any videos on that product showing how it works, how does the stabilizer work? I already have invested in a tripod..
  8. Some of the gear rings say 45mm-100mm lens, but then others don't say anything. Will this one work with my gh2 20mm or my hyper prime 12mm? any suggestions what to get for a wider lens? or maybe a gear ring that can do all sizes? [url="http://www.amazon.com/Adjustable-Flexible-Follow-Focus-Lever/dp/B00A2LYWMO/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1352321555&sr=8-7&keywords=adjustable+flexible+gear+ring"]http://www.amazon.co...xible gear ring[/url]
  9. ok im getting one, killer deal.
  10. Great great I am going to purchase one of these... but whats the difference between this and a follow focus (besides the 100 dollar difference)?
  11. They are annoying... But Andy Lee, does this thing work pretty well? it seems perfect and so cheap, whats the difference between this and a follow focus?
  12. Hmm Im not sure what a follow focus is but I will llook into one. Is it for manual or auto focus? Can you recommend one in particular for the gh2?
  13. New Guy here.. I have been filming concerts with my gh2 and 20mm lens (panasonic) . It has been great, but last week I used the auto focus function instead of the manual focus. There were some positives and some negatives, Positive: I could focus on and off a subject and different objects while I was recording. Negative: The auto focus is a little too slow or would be focusing on something I wasn't trying to focus on.. So my problem, its hard to focus during the shot with manual focus, either my fingers get in the way or I shake the camera, but I do need shots of musicians out
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