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  1. [quote name='Axel' timestamp='1352866877' post='21593'] You describe a worst case scenario. Edit with the best shots. Use a tripod. Workflow: Why proxy? ProRes is optimized media already. I (FCP 10.6, fast Mac) don't use ProRes for editing. I copy the PRIVATE folder to my hard drive before starting FCP X, then I import the good shots (not the rejects) as original media (FCP X makes a copy in a mov-container, takes no time). I export my finished project as ProResHQ or sometimes ProRes4444 (use the new export settings to have the compressor presets in your share m
  2. [quote name='Axel' timestamp='1352842490' post='21565'] First of all: It's not the camera :P, it's you ;) I think it is the lens. I couldn't find a specification how much it weighs, but it certainly looks heavy. Then the lens needs an adapter mount, and the cheap ones may have enough slackness (if that's the right term, I mean that they are not machined with highest precision). The two items on the plastic body of the GH2 add instability, more so if you focus by hand, because, the Vivitar being a photo lens, the ring is not designed to run smoothly.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm having a hell of time getting any kind of decent image out of my GH2. I'm turning to you guys for help. I've seen video after video of sharp, clean GH2 footage. Mine just looks soft, noisy, and artifact filled. Please take a look at this test video I've created and let me know what you guys think. Is it my camera? Is it me? Look at the background at 00:20....that especially looks nasty to me. ANY help or advice would be greatly appreciated. [url="https://vimeo.com/53394529"]https://vimeo.com/53394529[/url] GH2 Lens: Vivitar 28-200 All shots:
  4. Sorry...fat fingers made me hit the post button prematurely. If shooting unhacked cleans up this crap I may have to consider going back to original firmware. I just feel like I'm freaked out everytime I use this camera and can't concentrate on anything other than looking out for artifacts.
  5. Yes, saturation and everything else was set to -2 Smooth. I've been trying to remember to do the step down method with the ISO, but I think I forgot when shooting this because I mainly was just testing out the steady cam. Hmmmm...if shooting unhacked
  6. Can anyone tell me what is causing the horizontal banding at the top of the wall outside of the bedroom in these two shots? I was testing a steady cam today and noticed my Gh2 (24p, flowmotion hack) was showing these horizontal bands along the top. Yes, I've had trouble with the already much discussed High ISO/Underexposed area (mine shows up as low as 400 ISO) and thought I would try the same work around...shoot at a shutter speed of 30. Didn't help, the first photo was with a SS of 30, the second is with a SS of 50. The banding looks different, but is clearly there on both. Part of m
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